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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Crunch Time!!

This is an exceptionally busy week at work. I have sooooooo much to do and sooooo little time in between getting myself all presentable for blogger blowout (I have my priorities). I mean I can't let my bitches see me for the first time with roots that need to be colored and nails that are in desperate need of a mani/pedi. I mean seriously as anal as I am about such things there ain't no way I am showing up without those things taken care of. These feet will not touch flip flops unless the toes are presentable. So....I have scheduled calls at 7 freakin AM this morning so that I can get stuff done before my hair appt. and not miss a beat. Yes, go ahead, you can say it - I am the Bomb diggity!!! You worship bow down in the presence of my greatness. Awww come on you know you want to.

Actually by the time I hit Shell's joint Thursday night, I am gonna be in serious need of an ICE COLD BEER!!!!! OK truth be told SEVERAL Ice Cold Brewskis. I am so excited about going to my first blogger blowout I can barely contain myself I mean really.....If I had the time I would actually go shop for some party clothes but I don't sooooo ya'll are gonna have to take me as I am (but would I really have it any other way? naaah) know in the famous words of ABBA - love me or leave me make your choice but believe me.... I love you I do I do I do I do I do....LOL

For some strange reason I am getting the feeling that I am going to be asked to sing a little karaoke to my bitches but I have no idea on what to sing.......come on ya'll help a Cheeky out. Help me pick a kick ass tune or several so that I can get a second job entertaining you folks on the side. You know you would pay big bucks for me to get all hookiefied and sang for you at all the major blogging events. I don't want to disappoint my blogger buds!

So, in the mean time, I am gonna rest this voice as much as I can between interviews so that it won't sound all horrible and coarse but then again.....I did have an employer that used to LOVE to talk to me when my voice was like this....he would call and talk to me about nothing just to hear me talk to him.....yeah he was a freak but I kinda liked it...hehe. So as of right now I sound like Bonnie Tyler....who knows what I will sound like when I get there......

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