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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad Memories

Yesterday something happened that brought back some scary memories for me. Two of the little hellion children that live in this neighborhood came to the door looking for a little boy - we will call him T. They asked if I had seen T, I said no and asked why. They said he was missing and that her mom had just called the police. Man child was in his room and I called him down to see if he had seen T while he was riding his bike earlier. He said no. The hellions left.

That reminded me of the fear that I had on the man child's very first day of school here. We live so close to the school (I can see it from my front door) that he walks. I asked him, do you know where you are going? He said yes. I said, do you know how to get back home? He said yes. Not wanting to be over bearing on his first day I let him go. So then its time for him to come home. He isn't here. Hmmm maybe he was playing with the kids on his way or maybe he was walking a little slow. I wait and wait and wait. No man child. I call teenage daughter to walk down the street to go look for him. Then my phone rings. On the other end of the line was a man who said and I quote "I have your son". Did your heart just skip a beat? Mine went into failure. I said excuse me? and the man said my name is blah blah and your son is lost. Ummm you couldn't have said that first before sending me into cardiac arrest by telling me you have my son?! Apparently, man child turned right when he should have went left when coming home. Luckily, he knew his phone number. The man that called was a worker that was in the neighborhood and so the lady of the house he was at talked to me and we figured out where each other was (I had only been here like 3 weeks and every street in this neighborhood has the same freakin name). Nice intro to town don't ya think?

Anyway, T was found. It seems that the lady that called the police was supposed to be watching him. He ran over to his house and so his parents took him with them wherever they were going and failed to tell the lady that was supposed to be watching him. Or maybe they did it to teach her a lesson not sure either way, I really don't care either. The parents came home with all these people in the yard and cops everywhere and little T comes bouncing out of the truck with them. I am glad that little T was safe and sound though.

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