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Monday, March 12, 2007

Its just another Manic Monday

Ok well its another Monday where I didn't want to get out of bed. Daylight savings SUCKS! Yesterday was sort of a lazy day. I decided to go shopping until it was time to go and pick up this......

My new bling!! I love new bling. Its home will be on the right middle finger so if you are a bad driver and you make me mad - I will be able to show you my new bling and flip you off at the same time - how is that for multi-tasking?

The man child is now totally hooked on Warcraft III after playing at the dinner party a few weeks ago. Totally hooked!

Saturday night we played cards with the neighbors and my new name is now "Woman". We were telling stories and I was telling them how the man child likes calling me that. He came in the room and I said "Man Child - tell them what you say to me when you get up in the morning" Without even thinking he said "Make my breakfast Woman!" and its the emphasis on woman that is funny. Now I know he is playing and not being disrespectful so I let him get away with it. So the rest of the night everyone at the table was calling me "Woman" hehe.


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