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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Communal Bathroom

I have forgotten what it is like to be in my bathroom alone. Whether I am brushing my teeth, washing my face, taking a shower/bath, or using the the throne I have company. And not just one but two. If I shut the door, one of them will open it (too smart for his own good) and the other one will sit there and bang on it until I can't take it and let her in (unless the first one has already opened it)

Yes, I am speaking of no other than Sylvester and Kitty Girl. I never go to the bathroom alone because of them. Yesterday, I took a nice relaxing bath after my workout and who sat on the side of the tub and watched.....Sylvester! (Kitty Girl sat on the sink to supervise). It's sorta creepy having him sit there and watch your every move LOL. I was sooooo tempted to grab Sylvester and pull him in the tub but I knew while it would be completely hilarious, the overall result would not be pretty and I would have to clean it up.

OK this may be a little TMI but one time while I was ummmmm taking care of business, Sylvester came and sat right on my lap. Hello!? Do I bother you when you jump in the litter box??? I think not!


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