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Thursday, February 22, 2007

More random junk and AI - the girly review

Alright ya'll I did it. My cable went out early this morning which meant I had no internet and so after I did some interviews I just decided to bite the bullet and do it. This girl got off her lazy bootay and went to the gym. I know I know I can't believe it either. And I am thinking I might do it again tomorrow (am I sick or what?).

Oh and so much for the heatwave - we are expected to get the largest snow storm of the season this weekend...Oh joy.

Tonight is the girl's turn at the mic and well let me just give you the run down including the hooky potential.

First of all too much chatter at the beginning - its a 2 hour show lets move on with it. Ryan - shut up.

First up - Stephanie - Umm I don't think I know this song....(shocking I know)
You have potential honey, I like your style but I am not sold that you can handle different genres. But yep not a bad way to start the show. Hooky potential is low. I think you will keep your respect. Randy - yep I agree. Paula - had your coffee before the show didn't ya?? Simon - yep I agree again tonight.

Amy - I can't make you love me
Wasn't thrilled with your auditions. Bonnie Raitt you are NOT. Your hooky potential is pretty high. I think you will need it if you want to go very far in this show honey. Even Mr. Cheeky said and I quote "terrible". Randy - yep boring not good and she ain't that soulfull. Paula - get your own opinion for once please. Simon - agree agree agree.


Leslie - You make me feel like a natural woman
You might wanna keep walking the dogs but I can be open minded. Ummm honey - no no no but you are kinda cute. Hooky potential is medium to low (sorta hard to get a read on you at this point). Mr. Cheeky said and I quote "well I feel nauseous". Randy I agree just eh. Paula - awww we don't care what you think. Simon yep

Sabrina - what did you sing?
Yeah there is some potential there. Again I am not sure about different genres but time will tell

Next girl Atonella -
yeah you have high hooky potential but no you ain't going far. Can't say much about you cause I had to take a potty break....(tmi?)

Jordin - Give me one reason
Oh honey I like you and you did Tracy Chapman proud. Yep I really do like you. There is something there. Randy - yep. Paula is anyone listening to you? Simon - yes I agree she will surprise someone....and at 17. Yep you are gonna do well.

You are NOT Erykha Badu! Check the ethnicity honey. Hooky potential with you is off the charts honey. Off the charts. There is a hooky in there just busting to get out. Randy yep - Paula honey lay off the juice! Simon - agree

Haley - All comimg back to me
This song is only going to carry you so far honey. Its a good one for ya but you need to move on mmmmkay? And next time give me a little more emotion and not just the words mmmmkay? And yeah you have a high to medium hooky potential. Randy - yep just OK. Paula - QUIT SLURRING YOUR WORDS Simon - sounded 40 LMAO!

Melinda -
Oh honey I liked you before you even opened your mouth. Oh yeah honey you are a front runner - I think you have some talent and ummm hookey potential is the lowest of the group - your voice speaks for itself - you have class honey. Randy she was the Bomb wasn't she? Simon - Totally totally AGREE!

Alaina -
Oh honey please please please shut up!! Just go ahead and pack your bags now. That was awful. If you would have saw you fellow competitors while singing you would know that. And you tried the hooky moves and it didn't work at all! Randy just say it like it is - she sucked. Paula we don't care... Simon oh yeah you are the man! She ain't special at all.

Ryan shut up you just want to do her. I agree with Simon she can join Passion Idol next time. Oh Simon I love that comment about Ryan wanting to date her. Oh I loved it!

Gina - All by myself
I liked this - I really did. I see some originality in you and I think your hooky potential is low. For some reason when I see you I think of Pink who I just think is the BOMB baby! Randy - yep I am glad you were surprised. Simon I am not sure I agreed with you on this one.

I liked you going into this. Loved you like Melinda. Oh honey you can really belt it out. Good way to end the show. Again, you have some talent and its not about being a hooky. Its about the music. Randy - Amen brother! Simon - Amen again!

Well that's it ya'll my take on the girls of this competition. Did ya watch? Did ya vote? Now unless the results show is on after Survivor and CSI I might miss it tomorrow...maybe....might tune in just at the end....

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