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Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's all gooooood

Yesterday I read 4 posts about dentists - what is up with that?? The man child's appt went pretty well. They basically took care of everything right then and there and so we don't have to go back until its time for his cleaning again. They did have to cut out the old spacer and replaced it with a better one that sits higher up so the gums won't grow over it. The man child did GREAT (he is so much better at the dentist than I am). We ended up spending all morning there so by the time we got back, he had already missed lunch at school and he was still numb so he couldn't eat so I just decided to let him take the rest of the day off and hang out with mom. I have to do those sorts of things now cause it won't be much longer and he will not want to hang out with ol' mom.

Sylvester is driving me nuts - waking me up in the mornings. I am gonna have to start kicking him out of the room pretty soon. I know he thinks he is doing the right thing by getting me up (you know cause its time to get up) but dangit he is NOT a rooster....if I wanted and animal to get up I would have gotten a rooster!

I am ready for the weekend. I have been going through scrapping withdrawals and I am ready to spend some quality time down in my room playing. I have some great pics from when my sis was here and I want to get those pages done. OH and I have been at it again, I made Valentine's cards this year. Its a simple design. I have a few more to get finished and then they will be in the mail by Saturday.

Yeah, that's it again. Man, I have become BORING!

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