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Friday, January 19, 2007

Fat Free Friday!

That's right my friend's it is fat free Friday which means ANYTHING you have today is magically fat free......including this.....

Look - its for a good its not bad for ya right???

Lots to do today. I got quite a bit of my list done yesterday. My morning meeting was pushed back a couple of hours which kinda screws up my afternoon but I will survive. Tonight its trivia at B-dubs. Did I ever tell ya that I *heart* trivia? I bought a new book for my trip - Hannibal Rising. I read the other three in the series and I have high expectations for this one. I hope I am not disappointed.

The man child is hooked on playing Diablo - which is not good cause it eats into MY Diablo time...hehe. I have a scorceress character I named "Momma" - cause she is one bad mamma jamma! He created a new character, a necromancer and named him "Moms Pet" how funny is that!

Unless anything really good happens today, my next post will be from Charleston!

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