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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There are no words.......

OMG all I can say is THANK GOODNESS I am NOT from this city - I just live here. Did you see the train wreck that was American Idol? Hideous.....the cowboy from Elk River.....Elk River? You better believe I am going to every cafe to find this dude and just ask him what he was thinking? (its like 2 mins from me - we go there daily). And the very first chick that works at MOA? Yeah, don't think I won't be asking her the same thing when my sis gets here and we head out everyone in this town tone deaf???

All I can say is AT LEAST Wednesday's night show looks like they had worse people in Seattle than here.

Oh and on a happy note....I was singing along and I asked the man child if I could go on that show he said "yes". And win? That is when he giggled and said "yes". Then I asked him was he serious and he said yes....then later I asked him again "do you really think I can sing or are you just sucking up?" And he said "yes, if I was kidding I would be laughing" (kinda like he did when he said I would win). I still think he is sucking up...hehehe

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