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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting back to normal

Now that the holidays are gone, we are getting everything back to normal. Let me give you a little recap to get everyone up to speed.

Saturday was the 12 hour crop at Archiver's in Coon Rapids. It went by amazingly fast and I got quite a few pages done. The crop lasted until midnight, I didn't. At about 10:30 I was getting really tired and the rain had settled in and I decided enough was enough. So I packed it up and was home by 11:15. While I was gone, Mr. Cheeky and the kids took down all the decorations and lights on the house, so when I got home it looked a little bare. I really need to hang something on these walls.

Sunday. More rain. Got up and headed out to get some munchies for the evening. When I left the house it was a mix. By the time I got to the store it had turned to snow and then that is how it stayed for several hours. We ended up with 9 inches before it stopped. Shannon and John came over and we ate way too much and played games. They played trivia with me but nobody likes doing that. Oh they like trivia, just not playing with ME...yeah I know, Nice right? We moved on to playing cards, catch phrase, and taboo. Some of the more interesting things that were said while giving clues:

Clue given: Beautiful Priest - Response: huh? - Word trying to describe: Nun
Clue given: Midget - Response: Wrastlin - Word trying to describe: Dwarf
Clue given: Midget Wrastlers are... - Response:? - Word trying to describe: Athletes
Clue given: Popular guy that's got twitches - Response: Mohammed Ali - Follow up clue: No, the other one - Answer: Michael J. Fox (yeah we aren't PC in this house - neither are our friends).

We made it to midnight. Watched the ball drop twice (once in eastern and once in central where we are) and kept playing cards until about 1:30 when the teenage daughter's friends went home.

Monday, we all got up and just had a lazy morning. Shannon and John went home, Mr. Cheeky an the kids went sledding and I stayed home and scrapped some more.

Yesterday, the kids were still out of school and I was off from work due to the national day of mourning and President Ford's funeral. So, I took the teenage daughter and her friends shopping in St. Cloud. It was a nice day.

So, that brings us to today. Back to work, have lots to do to get caught up and back on track. Its nice to have a quiet house again. I also have to find tickets for my sister. She and her hubby are coming up at the end of the month (woohoo).

Cheeky who is singing (something that she heard this morning and is now stuck in her head) A little Charlie Daniels (I just love me some Charlie Daniels): If you ever go back to the Wooly swamp well you better not go at night, theres things out there in the middle of them woods that'd make a grown man die from fright, there's things that crawl and things that fly and things that creep around on the ground, and they say that the ghost of Lucias Clay gets up and it walks around....... But I couldn't believe it, I just had to find out for myself and I couldn't conceive it, I never would listen to nobody else, No I couldn't believe it, I just had to find out for myself, theres somethings in this world you just can't explain.....

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