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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have figured it out - man I am one smart Cheeky

I have been in a slump lately and I couldn't quite figure out why. Is it because I am in MN for another Christmas and its not even gonna be a white one? Nope, that's not it. Is it because we have all been sickly and I got a double dose? Nah, not that either. Is it because we are missing out on visiting with friends and family? ehh maybe. But I think I have figured out the real reason. It dawned on me as the man child and I had dinner together after his return to karate practice after missing several practices due to pneumonia (he is getting his green belt at the next graduation ceremony - woohoo). As I sat there eating, I realized that we are less than a week from Christmas and something was really missing and now I know what. It is my own personal little tradition. Something I started, with my very first Christmas away from home back in '91 that I spent alone while Mr. Cheeky was in the Navy. It was just me, a little puppy weezer, a sad little tree, and the only Christmas CD I owned - Elvis & Jim Reeves. Each night I would sit with Weezer, with all the lights out and my CD playing in the background. The next Christmas, the teenage daughter was just 4 months old, and so she joined in. Mr. Cheeky was gone again out to sea and I would sit there with Weezer on my lap and feed the teenage daughter her bottle and rock her until she fell asleep. Same CD playing in the background. She would fall asleep by the 4th song everytime. I continued the tradition with the man child. And it was always just me, weezer and them - Mr. Cheeky was not involved. It was MY thing. And even though the kids are no longer young enough to be rocked to sleep, or even to sit on my lap (well maybe the man child will still let me hold him on my lap from time to time) I have carried on that tradition every year. No matter where we lived, it was always just me, Weezer, the tree and my CD. There was just something completely wonderful and peaceful about it. Until this year. This is the first Christmas without my beloved Weezer. Not once have I sat in the peace of the evening with just the tree and my CD. Not once. Come to think of it, I haven't played any of my traditional Christmas CD's. And I miss that. So tonight, it will be me, Sylvester (cause he is a lap kitty) and Kitty Girl (even if I have to bribe her with ham or treats), the tree and my CD. And Lord help anybody that tries to disturb me. It just don't get much better than Elvis and Jim Reeves at Christmas for this southern girl.

Cheeky who in her best Elvis imatation(now wouldn't you like to hear that one...haha) is singing....Silver Bells....silver bells....its Christmas time in the city...ring a ling...hear them ring...soon it will be Christmas day....

Oh and btw - gift check - Cheeky's Mommy and Daddy sent a package and there were more gifts in there for Cheeky than anyone else (Woot!) OK only one more but it totally counts!

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