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Monday, December 11, 2006 other weekend happenings

But wait, before I go any further with this post - I have to give on big ol hillbilly shoutout to my girl PATTI! Honey, you so totally ROCK! Ya'll go on over and visit and tell her how much she rocks!! See this pic...

...its from Patti and its stuff with the palmetto on it for Christmas and I LOVE IT! Oh and I have to share this too. See that "W" there - well its a wash cloth and soap with my initial on it (from the real name - bet you already guessed what it is now)...anyway, I think its great and as I was going through the package the teenage daughter was with me cause she loves that kinda stuff too ....let me give you the conversation:

Teenage daughter: What's that?
Cheeky: OH that is cool - its a cloth and soap with my initial on it (now she knows I like stuff with my name on it - always have always will and how Patti knew this well, I guess it takes a southern girl to know a southern girl).
Teenage dauther: You know what she is trying to tell you don't you?
Cheeky: huh?
Teenage daughter: She is trying to tell you, you smell! (giggles here)
Cheeky: Smart butt! (giggling)

Yes, I have said it before and I will say it again, I have raised a couple of smart elects!

OK so on to the Friday night I decided that I wanted out of the house again. So off to BWW we went for some wings and trivia! I love playing trivia (but you probably already knew this about me). Came home watched some TV and there was this commercial for Time Life sounds of the 70's CD's. I have the 80's (of course) and I love them. So of course I had to watch this informercial and I knew 99% of the songs! So here I am on the couch singing away and Mr. Cheeky is looking at me like I have two heads and says "I don't know any of those songs" and so of course I had to keep on singing even more and I had to watch the whole thing (he was being tortured)...haha. It was a good night. Went to bed, went right to sleep but the problem came at 5:30AM! on Saturday morning. Kitty girl, who you will recall is a little prissy and a "look but don't touch" kind of kitty decided she wanted some lovin' at 5:30AM! and she comes up to me and starts rolling all over me. Then kitty boy decides to give me his version of an alarm clock with loud meowing in my face. Ya'll this cat has one loud meow. It is insane. I guess they thought I was supposed to be up. So of course now I AM up. No one else got woke up but ME! So off I go to the kitchen for some chocolate milk and downstairs to start the fire and watch some TV. I thought I would fall back asleep but nooooooo.

Took teenage daughter and her friends shopping for their dresses for the dance next Friday. The dress SHE (this is important here) picked out is a modernized version of an extremely SIMILAR dress I had at my freshman year Christmas dance. No kidding ya'll. So I guess she really is like me in a lot of ways - she may not look like me but she can be goofy, silly, funny, and sensitive like me. Anyway, I was reminding her of that dress (she saw it in a picture once) and she said I needed to scan that picture of me and then put it with her picture and put it on here. I think I will have to do that this weekend after she gets dressed up and I take her picture. I need to see if one of the neighbors has a scanner. Then I took the girls out for lunch at Chipotle and then headed home. At this point I was starting to feel tired from being up so early.

Then the man child had his very first hockey game late in the day in St. Cloud. Off we go. I had to stop and get an energy drink cause I just didn't think I would make it. First off, he was too cute all padded up in his gear. I was really proud of him. He did so good for his first game. The teenage daughter hasn't seen him skate since he started and she even commented on how well he can skate now. He played right wing for this game (they will switch positions each game) and they changed the line up every minute and a half so he got LOTS of playing time. And they played FULL ICE - I was impressed these little kids could do that much skating. For his first time ever playing he did soooo good. He needs to work on his puck control a little but I was one proud momma!!

Then off the ice, jump in the car, ride 40 minutes to get home, kick the kids out of the car, take off again for another 55 minute drive to down town St. Paul to see the Wild play hockey! I was really tired on the way there and riding in a car from St. Cloud to St. Paul was kicking my bootay. The Wild game however was really really good. We played the Blackhawks and there were some really good plays from both teams (there will be more hockey PSA's later this week- this post is already long enough). So the game was exciting enough to keep me going. We won 5-4 in OT and Parrish got a hat trick in OT, it was great! Now, we had an invite to go out after the game for Suzanna's b-day (happy b-day girl!) but I was totally whipped and just couldn't do it. As soon as I hit the car, I laid the seat back and rested all the way home. Passed out (from being tired not drunk, I only had bottled water at the game - it was as expensive as beer though) when I hit ths sack.

Sunday. Man child and Mr. Cheeky were up early for more hockey practice - I slept in. They came home and the man child played with his friends and Mr. Cheeky went to play with his (he went ice fishing for the very first time). I got up and I had this really strange feeling. I mean really odd. It was foreign to me. Like I was possessed or something and I think it was contagious cause the teenage daughter seemed to have a touch of it too. We were DOMESTIC!! We made lots and lots of holiday treats. We cleaned up the kitchen. We did laundry. She cleaned her room (without being told - this is MAJOR). I cleaned out my bureau because I didn't have room for the winter clothes. I threw out (I know somebody just passed out when I say I threw something away and you know who you are) a big ol garbage bag full of clothes and crap! We took a break for a snack and then we were back to it. AMAZING! She changed the kitty litter voluntarily. Then we made dinner together (our famous - ok so we think its famous - tomato basil pasta - its a recipe I made up and its YUMMY!). Whatever this strange affliction was, it seems to have left now.

So, that is the weekend in review. Whew, I am tired again just from writing it all out...LOL

So, that was my weekend.

Cheeky...who wants to sing but just realized she has an interview to conduct and so she can't sing right now....LOL

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