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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Thunder Rolls....and the Lightning Strikes...

Can you believe it? A thunderstorm in late November? That is exactly what I am having this morning and I am loving it! Was kind of weird having my hot cocoa, looking at my Christmas tree all lit up and hearing thunder.

Not much going on around Chez Cheeky except the usual stuff. Work was busy yesterday and ebay has really taken off from holiday shoppers. I found that I was packaging off and on all day long yesterday. I am NOT complaining though. I missed the holiday season last year because we were prepping for our move. Wow, its hard to believe we have almost been here a year.

The cats are doing pretty good with the tree. Kitty girl likes to lay under it and hide. Kitty boy likes to mess with her while she does. Yep they are just like siblings. Now the question is, are they going to behave when the real tree gets here and it has all the dangly stuff on it?

Still no presents under the tree for Cheeky. I am not worried yet.....but getting a little nervous. But there is still plenty of time (as she checks again to make sure something isn't hiding).

Cheeky who is singing......The thunder rollsAnd the lightnin' strikes.Another love grows cold...On a sleepless night, As the storm blows on...Out of control. Deep in her heart...The thunder rolls.

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