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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ohhhhhh He's a little Runaway....

OMG!! Yours truly was seriously distraught last night. I mean, I really didn't realize how much I was suffering from PWSS (Post Willie Stress Syndrome) kitty boy - Sylvester, decided that he needed to explore the the cold....without permission.....and without telling anyone. I am not exactly sure how long he was out (perhaps an hour or so) but he was no where to be found in the house and I knew something was wrong. I grabbed my granny sweater (the big giant floppy one I wear around the house...yeah I don't wanna hear it so just shut it!....hehe) and out the door I went. Calling him, crying, calling him more, sucking up snot, calling him more....let me tell ya, it was a sight. Since I wasn't sure how long he was gone I went downstairs and broke up the teenage daughter's game of Apples to Apples (she had 6 friends over), told them to get their shoes and coats on and start walking the neighborhood. I got in the car and started driving on adjoining streets with the windows down...calling for my kitty, crying...calling more....sucking up more snot (what? you thought I would ruin the sleeve of the granny sweater with snot?....Ummm you thought wrong - in that situation you just suck it up). Not only was I worried that he was out and anything could happen but it was also 14 degrees last night people....that ain't good for any kind of animal, especially ones that are spoiled to the degree that mine are (I sometimes wish I was my pet....that would be the life....lay around anywhere I want, get petted, lay around some more, get treats, annoy the sibling kitty....yeah what a life). Luckily, the teenage daughter and her friends found him a couple houses down in a neighbors garage crying. After that fiasco, I needed a stiff drink, I needed a zoloft....I was a mess. I can't believe I reacted so strongly to a kitty that I have only had for a few weeks. Yep, it must be PWSS.

On a happier note, the rest of the weekend was good. A girl that works with Mr. Cheeky (Suzanna - hey girl - I called you out...hehe)and who is a fellow scrapper, and who I met on my birthday, and who has befriended me came over and we scrapped until the Sylvester episode, then I took a break and started back. Then at 11pm we decided it was time to make a run for the border, then with full tummy's we scrapped until 1am.

Got up Sunday (earlier than I wanted) and scrapped a little more. Mr. Cheeky went to the auction and bought his snowmobile (pictures are forthcoming...its just too cold to go out and take one now). Suzanna and I headed to St. Paul (where she also lives - which is about 45min to and hour away) to another friend's (and fellow coworker of Mr. Cheeky's) house for a Pampered Chef party. I bought some good stuff ya'll - so my food network career will be goin to the HNL (the Ho Nubber Level - for you Mad TV fans).

As for Thursday and Friday - why didn't I blog? - cause I am hooked...I have been recruited and further more encorporated into a that I have also recruited the teenage daughter into. We are addicted to Weffriddles. Ya'll have to do this....OMG - after only 2 days I am on level 30 but I had to walk away this weekend - just walk away. I was becoming consumed (and going blind from staring at the computer screen so much). So, if ya'll try it out - this is your only warning - IT IS ADDICTIVE but if you need a little help on how to solve the riddles - I am there for ya. Just send me an email.

That's the weekend update from Cheekyland in MN.

Cheeky - I would sing for ya, but I don't wanna get myself worked up tonight....I need to sleep so I am gonna grab this CD that says Relax on it (no its not Frankie goes to Hollywood) its kinda soothing, instrumental, boring put you to sleep music. I am gonna grab the kitties and snuggle up and snoooooze.....

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