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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let me get you caught up....

Lots of things have been going on during my blogging hiatus and let me see if I can get you caught up.

After posting my cards I had someone order 36 (of various designs) and someone else huh? So I have been working on those quite a bit and having a ball doing it. Time in my scrapbooking/craft room is "MY" time and sorta theraputic ya know?

The kitties are getting along great now. They will chase each other around the house and play quite a bit but every now and then kitty girl will get fed up and hiss at the kitty boy...its funny. Not quite as funny as the animal WWE that my sister had at her house but we still get a chuckle.

This weekend we (the whole family this time) is headed to Charleston. We are going to fly into Charlotte and drive down on Friday. Friday evening we are spending with our former neighbors and we are having a serious shindig! Ready for this....we have tents, we have jump castles for the kids, we have frogmore stew, we have gumbo and the best part of all - 600 POUNDS of oysters ready for steaming! Yep you heard me right 600lbs!!! After the party we are going are seperate ways. The teenage daughter has made plans to spend time with her friends from the neighborhood and the man child is staying with our neighbors for the weekend. Not sure what I am doing Saturday day - might go to the market downtown for some shopping or the beach or who knows at this point. Then Saturday night ANOTHER oyster roast and southern BBQ at my job. Then everyone leaves me on Sunday to go to NC to see the family before heading back to MN on Monday. I am staying in Charleston for the week then on Friday I am headed to Charlotte for the Southern Living Christmas Show and I am stoked! I love this event and I missed it last year because I was prepping for the move. I am going to meet my mom and MIL and possibly my sister (if she can get off work).

I have been practicing on my calligraphy the last couple weeks. I haven't done it in a while so I am really rusty. I need new pens. If I can get the quality back I will be addressing my cards that way....just adds that little something extra.

Its November now which means we could get some significant snow at any given moment. They had several inches up north already - OMG what am I saying - I LIVE up north...they are taking over my brain...I am starting to talk like people from MN now...say it ain't so....YIKES!

Cheeky - who feels the need to bring out her southern roots (and we ain't talking about my hair ya'll) today....perhaps a little Alabama (say it like Forest Gump - Ala BAMA!!) will do the trick...Oh, play me some mountain music, like grandma and grandpa used to play. Then I'll float on down the river to a cajun hideaway....Drift away like Tom Sawyer, ride a raft with ol' Huck Finn. Take a nap like Rip Van Winkle, daze dreamin' again. Oh, play me some mountain music, like grandma and grandpa used to play. Then I'll float on down the river to a cajun hideaway....Swim across the river, just to prove that I'm a man. Spend the day bein' lazy, just bein' nature's friend. Climb a long tall hick'ry. Bend it over, "skinnin' cats."
Playin' baseball with chert rocks, usin' sawmill slabs for bats. Play some back-home, come-on music that comes from the heart. Play something with lots of feelin', 'cause that's where music has to start....Oh, play me some mountain music, like grandma and grandpa used to play. Then I'll float on down the river to a cajun hideaway...hey hey heeeey....

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