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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Card Samples

OK so I can make good cards but I stink as a photographer so these may be a little fuzzy (gimme a break - nobody is perfect..hehe)

With these cards they can be customized with any color background or mixed and matched in any way.

The internal verses can be customized as well. Can choose from the following:

The best gifts of
can not be
beneath a

May your holidays
be trimmed with magic
and wrapped in all
the magnificence
of the season

Wishing you all the joys
of the season
and the best
in the coming year

Card #1 with matching envelope:

Card #2 Snowmen (can be with or without the vellum on any color):

Card #3 Santa Face - the picture doesn't show all the detail in the shading (very labor intesive but turns out sooooo nice don't ya think?)

Card #4 - Happy Holidays - with holly border. Can be put on any color or shade of cardstock with or without the holly border. Picture shows gold embossing but can also be done in silver.

There are a few more but blogger is rebelling and not letting me post them! Arrrrggghhh!!! I do have a simple Christmas tree and cute little mice with candles. I also have examples of customized envelopes with snowflakes or little santa faces.

So there you have it. Give me your HONEST opinion. I don't hit (too hard...hehe) or won't yell at you too loud...hehe

Cheeky who is singing.....Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....everywhere you go....LMAO!!! (man I crack myself up)

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