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Friday, October 13, 2006

Finally Friday

Whew this has been one looooong week. Let me see if I can ramble some stuff off for ya....

Conversation with the man child yesterday:
MC: Mom have you checked my book bag yet?
Cheeky: No, why?
MC: Well, here let me show ya.....(pulls out a baggie with brown stuff in it)...guess what this is....and NO its not a dog turd.

Uncle Tommy is doing well. He will stay in the hospital through the weekend. Thanks for your well wishes.

2 days!!!! It snowed for 2 days!! There wasn't any accumulation but that is not the point. It ain't even Halloween and it snowed for 2 days! I don't think I am gonna be able to take this winter. The news says that because of El Nino we should have a warmer than normal winter. The Farmer's Almanac says its gonna be colder than normal with above averge snow fall. Given the two, the Almanac tends to be right more often than the news. This isn't a good thing this year. I hope its wrong.

I just may be nominated for Mom of the year. Last night I bought tickets for my kids to go with me on the next trip to Charleston. Of course, I will not see them the entire time because they will be with their friends.

Crafting is dangerous. Last night as I was finishing up the painstakingly hand made Halloween party invitations, I sliced a big chunk out of my index finger. OUCH! So now I have a bandage on it and that makes for rough typing.

Oh and since its Friday the 13th I thought I would share this.....I was gonna wait until Halloween but nah....

That's it...that is what I have for ya today. So let me leave you with a little Earl Thomas Conley.....I got a hundred dollars smokin' in my billfold, I know I ought to save it but it's burnin' a hole. Right through my pocket and into my skin. Come Monday morning I'll be broke again.....It's finally Friday, I'm free again, I got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend. It's finally Friday, I'm out of control. Forget the workin' blues and let the good times roll...

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