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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How Annoying!

Ok, even though I tend to have trouble falling asleep and usually don't sleep the night through, I still have dreams. Over the last week or so, I have had some of the most bizarre dreams but now I can't remember them. Last night (which, thanks to Target's generic night time sleep aid was a fabulous night's sleep) I had some really funky dreams. I remember that they were in color which is way cool to be able to dream in color. And I remember waking up briefly and saying to myself - that was so odd and then falling back asleep now I can't remember squat!!!! I know I know, you are supposed to write stuff down as soon as you wake up, but if I was to turn on the light at 2 am to write something down, then I would definately be up for good and with sleep being a big commodity, I don't think I want to chance it.

Now there are some dreams that I do remember and can manipulate. Take last Sunday morning for example. I was having a wonderful dream and I woke up (it was morning about 8 which is sleeping in for me) but I wanted to finish the dream so I was able to go back to sleep and voila! back into the same dream but now I was really paying attention and could (or so I thought) consciously manipulate my huh?

But then again, I could just be totally nuts........

Cheeky who is singing......some Eurythmics (like you didn't see this one coming)..... Sweet dreams are made of this, Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas.....Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused.

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