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Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday it was the Star Wars Marathon - it was GREAT! It has been quite a while since I had seen those movies. Took some meds to keep the crud at bay.

Saturday - rainy and cold. Felt OK considering - took more meeds to keep the crud away. Took the man child to his Karate demonstration (see the post below). Just basically ran a few errands and hung out around the house. I did get started on making my Christmas cards. I know, its still early but they are very labor intensive so I want to make sure I have plenty of time to make them. I didn't get to last year because of the move so I wanted to make sure that I had time this year.

Sunday - The sun finally decided to come out. Mr. Cheeky took the man child ice skating in preparation for hockey (that starts in a couple weeks). I basically played in my scrapbook room all day which was really nice. The teenage daughter had a friend come over and as I was taking her home yesterday the CRUD kicked in full force - I mean it was like night and day. I started hacking, my head was all stopped up and I felt like crap. Came home had dinner and took some night time meds. soon as they wore off - about 11:30pm I was awake for the night. I couldn't breathe, couldn't get comfortable. I got up and took the last of the sudafed and was able to get a little sleep but not much.

Monday - still feel like crap! But I am working through it. I need to go get some more meds. I need to take a nap but I am not sure that is gonna happen. Ugh...I hate the CRUD....

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