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Friday, September 22, 2006

Its Friday - which means.....

Its time to clear out my brain of random things.

Ya'll know how I feel about the Muppets right? Well, I feel like a kid every time I go into Target these days - they have some cool muppets stuff and I have it all - on my desk, getting in the way.....hindering my productivity....but it makes me smile.

I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. Its cool (in the lower 50's) and rainy and I was sleeping soooooo good on my new pillow. If it keeps this up, I think an afternoon nap is in order.

I need to start planning the little man childs birthday party - he is turning 8 on Oct. 8 (cool huh?) so we need to have a good party. However, I am going brain dead at the moment on themes, activities, etc. So if you have any really cool ideas - feel free to share. And it has to be a GREAT party so the little pieces of crap that live a few houses down can see all the fun we are having because they are not going to be invited (yeah I know - petty, but they are little pieces of crap).

I think I have been infected. When I came home from Charleston this week, Mr. Cheeky and the man child were sick with colds. Sinus crap, coughing, throat issues - you know, your basic CRUD. Well, they are getting better - because the gave it to ME! My throat is feeling funny and my nose is a little snotty and I have a little cough - I am medicating NOW!

Tonight is StarWars Marathon night! Lots of junkfood (yeah, I know, there goes the diet) to be had. If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by!

There is more stuff rumbling around in this head but I gotta take the man child to school since its raining (I am not gonna make him ride his bike in the rain).

So, in honor of Star Wars night - Cheeky is gonna sing for you a little ditty known and Fett's Vette (if you haven't heard it you must! Just Goggle it - I would put the link up but I am running out of time).......My backpack's got jets, I'm boba the fett, I bounty hunt for jaba hut, To finance my vette....I chill in deep space, A mask is over my face...I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes, Cuz my time I don't like to waste...Get down

Updated: Here is the link for ya.....Fetts Vette

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