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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting down with the Down.....

OK I know you are thinking from the title of this post that Cheeky has lost it....but it will all make sense. Now if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you have come to realize that I might be just a little off. I like things a certain way. My sleeping arrangements are no exception. The blankets have to be just right before I get in the bed (if they are all screwed up then I just can't get comfortable - now if they get screwed up as I sleep, that's fine - just can't start that way). I have to sleep on a certain side of the bed (that would be the right side....not the wrong one...hehe). As I am falling asleep, I always do what has come to be known as "the roll", which means, I roll over on to my right side and the snoozing begins (can I fall asleep in other positions, sure, but it takes much longer - the roll is preferable when possible). I am also picky about my sheets. They have to be soft and this is one area where I am not afraid to spend a little cash to make sure I have good ones. If they are crappy then cheeky ain't happy (hey, I like that litte saying...kinda like if it don't fit you must acquit...has a nice ring to it....hehe).

But, my biggest issue is my pillow. King size pillows are preferrable (I can use a regular pillow when I travel but I like MY king size pillow best). It has to be fairly flat as well. If it is too "full" then I get a crick in my neck and I don't sleep very well. If its flat, then I can at least bunch it up between my arms. It has to fit just right in my neck (for me its more about neck support than head support). And I sleep with 2 of for my head, one for me to wrap myself around. On my bed, I had a perfectly flat pillow (and it took me quit a while to get it to perfection) and a huge monsterous pillow that wouldn't go flat if you drove a steam roller over it....massive! So, instead of using both pillows I had to give in and just use the flat one. Well, not anymore! I went out yesterday and bought myself a brand new king size down pillow! And my friends - it is wonderful, just flat enough when I lay on it yet full enough to sufficiently squeeze in the middle of the night! So, if your pillow is giving you fits.....just go down!

Cheeky who can't seem to get the word "down" out of ther head is gonna sing a little Earth, Wind and Fire for ya......(in her electronic voice)We can boogie down, down, come on...We can boogie down, down, come on....We can boogie down, down, come on...We can boogie down, down, come on....Let's groove tonight.....share the spice of slice it right....we're gonna groove tonight....Let this groove, get you to move, it's alright, alright, alright....let this groove, set in your shoes, so stand up, alright, alright....

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