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Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Friday

I have lots of random crap rolling around so I thought I would just go ahead and get it all out now....gotta save room for the useless trivia ...hehe

Tonight, I am leaving for a weekend event...a wedding - and yes, its a Full weekend event complete with sporting tournys, poker, kareoke, skits and then finally the nuptuals. This is one GREAT couple ya'll and they are such fun and I am soooo happy for them! Since I am not going to participate in the sporting events (yeah right like that was EVER gonna happen) I am scheduling a little "cheeky" time and get a massage. My lower back has been killing me since I got back from Charleston - can't imagine what I could have done...hehe (ok maybe I can but I ain't tellin').

Wednesday night I had 3 males and a female in the bed with me (sounds kinda kinky huh?). Mr. Cheeky who knows to stay on his side of the king size bed....the little man child who likes to sneak in after I have gone to sleep....the other male has not been there in a long time so it was a welcome treat - my weezer! It was particularly cold and so I put him in the bed with me to snuggle...what a great snuggler that old puppy is. Oh the other female.....that would be Kitty! Jealous I assume cause Weezer was there.

I am going BACK to Charleston ya'll - heading back out on 9/10. And this time I promise to dedicate some time to keeping ya'll up to date - I don't think I can take another public spanking....private? hmmm different story LOL

I have a sty on the inside bottom corner of my left eye. I have NEVER had a sty before - EVER IN MY LIFE - its hurts like a mutha...and looks bad and I am going to a wedding....ugh. Why is it I have all these strange and unusual afflictions in Minnefreakinsota? I have never had this crap happen in the south....I am just sayin.....

I recently discovered Anne Rice (ok ok I knew she was out there but I never read her stuff). I grabbed one of her books to take with me to the beach last week and I LOVE IT! Finding it hard to put down. I didn't get Interview with the Vampire (since I had seen the movie - but I will be reading it). I got The Vampire Lestat - LOVE IT! Yeah, I will be reading the rest of them.

So that's it...just a few random things from the Cheekster. So since I am going to a wedding this weekend (and taking along my new appendage the sty - if it doesn't go away soon I am gonna have to name it)....I am gonna sing a little ....Billy Idol....Hey little sister what have you done, Hey little sister who's the only one, Hey little sister who's your superman, Hey little sister who's the one you want, Hey little sister shot gun!

It's a nice day to start again....It's a nice day for a white wedding...It's a nice day to start again....

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