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Monday, August 14, 2006


Yes my friends, Chez Cheeky is being invaded once again....this time...the MIL! AACCCKK!!! Actually, I am just kidding, not about the MIL coming but the aacckk part. I have to say that I am pretty lucky in the MIL department. Very low maintenance, keeps her opinions to herself (sometimes to a fault), friendly. She is flying in today and will be getting here just in time for dinner so of course I am gonna be cookin up some good stuff!

Yesterday, I had lunch with a former boss of mine from Jacksonville. I love this lady. Shirley is by far the coolest boss I have ever had. We try to stay in touch from time to time and I had emailed her recently to tell her about an illness of one of our coworkers. When Shirley found out that I was in Minnefreakinsota she told me she was coming up this weekend and ...well of course we had to get together. I had a wonderful time catching up with her. Plus it never hurts to keep the networking going (if you know what I mean).

Had a good time at the redneck drag races on Friday. It was really packed during the first half but as they day progressed and the beer set in - the crowd thinned out a bit. I can only imagine what Saturday and Sunday looked like.

Here is a little video for ya (be sure and turn up your volume really really loud) - oh and at the end if you look to your right - the chick with the pony tail and fingers in her ears....yeah, that would be me.

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Cheeky who needs a little motivation to get her bootay in gear needs to sing something with a beat....Hmmmm....perhaps all she needs is a little Faith. Well I guess it would be nice, If I could touch your body, I know not everybody, Has got a body like you, But I've got to think twice, Before I give my heart away, And I know all the games you play, Because I play them too...Oh but I need some time off from that emotion, time to pick my heart up off the floor, and when that love comes down Without devotion, Well it takes a strong man baby, But I'm showing you the door...'Cause I gotta have faith...

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