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Sunday, July 30, 2006

It can stop at any time now....

Update: Just got back from the doc (well the Minute Clinic - I guess that sorta counts) - definately not shingles (thank God), definately not some other rash that is associated with Lupus (thank God), definately not poison......definately don't know what it is other than some type of contact dermititis (so I am allergic to something I came in contact with - just don't know what, so I don't know what to avoid). Its a good sign that I had a small little patch on my finger. My temp was up a little (99.5) but nothing to be concerned with. We are attacking it from all angles - prednesone, hydrocortisone, histimine for the day and a different one for night (for histamine 1 AND histamine 2). Doc said first thing tomorrow make an appt with a dermatologist for later in the week. If I am better - cancel the appt. If not - then go. So I am gonna be a pill poppin fool for the next several days and with the prednisone I won't be sleeping and I will be HUNGRY all the time. So.....not to ruin the 25lbs that I have lost (woohoo), I am getting lots of fruits and veggies for munching so I won't go for the bad stuff. One good thing (trying to look on the bright side) is that I will have tons of energy from the predisone so I will get in some extra exercise.

Thanks for all the well wishes....I really appreciate it {{{{hugs}}}}

Whatever is attacking me is spreading across the entire left side of my face and is getting dangerously close to my eye. I am going to the doc - TODAY at 10am when the doors open! I need something to make it STOP! I look diseased.....pretty soon I am gonna have to start wearing a veil to cover my face....I am not kidding - its BAD...nope not exaggerating - not one little bit. I would post a pic but its just too horrifying. And itching - OH there are no is everything I can do not to claw at my face.

Wish me luck....will update after the doc visit.

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