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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - *sigh*

Today is the last full day that Mommy K and baby Duncan will be with me. They are leaving me tomorrow afternoon to go back to the wonderful land that is Charleston. So today's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to them (and yes I have pictures but just as in yesterday's post - blogger is being a bi-otch and won't let me post them).

#1 I will miss having my morning coffee with Mommy K and having "adult" conversations without watching the cartoon network.

#2 Although it took a little getting used to, I am going to miss having a baby in the house again (ummm don't be getting any funny ideas here....while Cheeky is fully capable of producing another one....this factory has been shut down - permanently). Duncan is such a good baby and is very much a snuggler. I love the way I can make him "belly laugh".

#3 I am going to miss my scrapbooking partner. We always have so much fun doing this together and our creative juices seem to meld ever so nicely. I haven't found a scrapping partner since I moved....sigh

#4 Its nice to have another adult female in house for the teenage daughter to talk to (that way she realizes Mom really does know what she is talking about..duh).

#5 I am going to miss having Mommy K around just to be silly little girls with. After our trip to Bare Escentuals we came home with all our stuff and tons (I mean tons) of samples. We were like little kids playing dress up and putting on make-up.

#6 I will miss my shopping buddy. K and I have always had very similar tastes. She will tell me straight up if something looks good and I should definitely buy or if I should star far far away from it.

#7 I will miss acting like teenagers and sharing clothes. We are close to the same size (hmmm seems like all through our lives we have been from high school on up) and I will miss the way she goes through my closet and says Hmmm I am gonna wear this and if I really like it you might not get it back....hehe

#8 I will miss playing with Duncan and doing his daily "Jane Fonda" (ummm if you are young then this means his daily exercise.....). He is at the point were he wants to sit up on his own and tries to stand up when you are holding him on your lap. He is so fun.

#9 I am going to miss when Duncan is fussy and the teenage daughter or Mommy K can't seem to calm him down then they hand him to me and I can make him laugh (95% of the time - yeah I am goofy like that).

#10 Even though I know that I will talk to her daily on the phone (well I usually do anyway), I am sad to know that I will not see Mommy K and Duncan for several more months (on my next trip to Charleston). Babies change so quickly.

#11 My kids will miss them being around. The little man child has really done well with Duncan and the teenage daughter has gotten some really good baby sitting experience (we have had her do this a lot so here is to you teenage daughter - we really appreciate you stepping in and helping - and if you look closely there may be some form of compensation hiding about in your room - guess you will have to clean it to find it huh?)

#12 It has been nice sitting around talking about all the crazy things we did in highschool together. It shows the teenage daughter that yes, mom once was young, and cool, and a complete goofball instead of just being old, and mom, and a complete goofball. It also shows her that the most fun that we had involved friends and not drinking or drugs. It was enjoying your friends. I think its good for kids to see that.

#13 Mommy K - I am going to miss you! You and I have been friends since the 2nd grade and though we have lived close together and far apart during those years after highschool, we have always managed to keep our friendship strong. I love you girl! And baby Duncan, I will send you videos of that woman with the crazy hair (that would be me) to make you belly laugh. I won't be able to steal your kisses but you better save some in a stash for me for my next visit **smoochie smoochie**

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