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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cheeky's got a new toy.....

And this one is not battery requires a plug in!

Now, get your minds out of the gutter (I know what you were thinking...haha). Last night I went to Michael's (you know the place where craft junkies go to get their fix) and I bought myself the hottest scrapbooking toy on the market (if you don't scrap you wouldn't understand).

Yes, I am talking about the Cricut!!!! I got it ya'll and you wanna know a secret....I used the 40% off coupon that comes in the Sunday paper....I saved a ton! Well, that is because its a very expensive toy (if you scrap and want this - I suggest using the coupon while they still allow it - cause I am sure there will be a restriction real soon - you know how they put the item on "sale" so you can't use the coupon but the sale price is only a few dollars cheaper than the regular price...yeah I know the games they play).

I wanted to play with it so bad last night but I was a good girl (cause I knew if I got started I would be up all night) so I just read the manuals - so TODAY...I am only working this morning cause this afternoon....this girl is SCRAPPIN'!

Cheeky - who is in the mood for a little....Barry White...My Darlin' I... can't get enough of your love babe...I don't know I don't know why....Can't get enough of your love babe.....

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