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Saturday, July 22, 2006

And you thought you had a looooooong day....

OK first things first - I STILL CAN'T GET PICS INTO BLOGGER.....any suggestions? Irish Church Lady had a few but they aren't working.....ugh...this is really buggin me - HELP!

Stayed up late Thursday night with Mommy K on her last night - did some major power scrapping (would show you some pics - but according to blogger that ain't happenin tonight). Got up waaaay early on Friday (we are talking before the chickens and around here that is pretty early). Worked and helped Mommy K pack. My work cell died - I mean dead - you know as in absolutely no life whatsoever! I freak. Completely stressed. I NEED my work cell to work. Its not an option. Mr. Cheeky wakes up - I complain - he touches it, I mean just touches the darn thing and it works - excuse me?!? Don't get me wrong, I am glad it is working, but I did the same thing he did and it didn't work for me....

So now the stress level is set for the day.....everything starts going wrong from there. Get Mommy K to the airport (oh and the baby too - yeah I was trying to keep him here but she wasn't gonna have that). On the way home - serious traffic issues. I don't get it. Its like this every freakin Friday. What is up with people in Minnefreakinsota and their "cabins" up north (yeah I said that in a snotty tone)? I don't get it. And they do it EVERY WEEKEND!! Get home from a round trip that took well over 3 and half hours - should have taken an hour and half MAX!.

OK - now its power clean the house time because my Mommy and Daddy are coming to see me tonight from NC for a week (did I mention that before???). I am already totally tired at this point. Finally decide its time to get some food (yeah, its chinese buffet night cause this girl ain't about to cook). Get a call....Mom and Dad are delayed in Charlotte. OK, no biggie right? Wrong wrong wrong - they leave Charlotte at 10p (they were supposed to leave before 8). Get into Chicago and get directed to a connecting flight in a terminal that has already shut down for the night. (now while this was going on....I had decided to take a nap and get up around midnight to go get them - literally within 5 min of waking up I get a call from them). OK... mad dash to the computer to find out what is going on. Dad calls back - they are leaving Chicago at 12:55 and getting here to Minneapolis around 2:15 - yeah that's the AM (now I am hoping that the pilot will put the pedal to the medal and not play around and try to get in a little earlier).

Now its just after midnight and I am trying to stay awake to go get tomorrow, the only sight seeing going on around here will be the first level (see the lovely bedrooms - the master and the man childs, 2 full baths and Cheeky's office), second level (the kitchen, laundry and den), third level (the living room or family room whatever you wanna call it - basically its where the big ol honkin TV is, and the full bath they will be using), fourth level (the teenage daughter's bedroom - their suite for the week - and my scrap room - yeah I have a "room" ladies - woohoo!) and deck (where the grill is and where their first dinner in Minnefreakinsota will be prepared) of Cheeky's house - and if I am up to it, perhaps a peek outside in the neighborhood - but don't get your hopes up on that one.

I should have listened to Angry Dad when he told me Friday was a baaaaad day (see, being in Australia - he has the scoop since his time is so far ahead).

Cheeky - who would like to sing now but quite frankly is brain dead at the moment....

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