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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Vroom vroom

Yep, its Thursday - and you what that means - you get to learn more useless stuff about me. I had to get up early this morning to take my car to the shop (before the warranty runs out in ummm 40 miles) so I thought I would do 13 things about me and my cars.

#1 - I have a love/hate relationship with cars - I either love it or hate it.

#2 - If I love the car - I will drive it until it falls apart. There have been two cars that I have owned that I have felt this way about. The first one was Ol' Betsy (yeah - I name them too). She was a red Saturn SL2 (the older body style - not the new one). I kept Betsy a loooong time. LOVED LOVED LOVED her - even after Mr. Cheeky wrecked her - I still loved her. She was getting old and using oil so we traded her for a newer Saturn - HATED IT! Would have taken Betsy back in a second.

#3 - The second car I have loved is my current one - a 2005 Nissan Altima with the limted edition package on it. Its Charcoal grey and I LOVE THIS CAR!

#4 - One of the many cars I (ok we) have owned was a 1990 (or maybe 92 - I don't remember - I didn't like it so I didn't care - but it was cheap and paid for) Buick Century. It was owned by Mr. Cheeky's grandparents and they sold it to us when the man child was born. I called it the "Granny-mobile", Mr. Cheeky called it Blue Thunder....never really liked it - we ended up donating it to the Kidney Foundation a few years ago.

#5 - My very first car was a light metallic blue Pontiac T-1000 (what is a T-1000 you ask? Well, its not a was Pontiac's version of a Chevette). It was a crappy little A/C, crappy radio (but of course I changed that). But I loved it because it was my first car ever.

#6 - I think driving a manual transmission (that would be a stick shift for those of us from the south) is fun. I think its important for everyone to know how to drive a stick just in case of emergencies - my sister is 38 and still doesn't know how.

#7 - All of my current vehicles are automatics....we drive on the interstate a lot - and sticks suck when you are in traffic.

#8 - The teenage daughter thinks that she is getting my Altima when she gets her license.....she needs to think again.

#9 - Mr. Cheeky has a Ford F-150 extended cab Truck. Its OK but I HATE driving it.

#10 - I have this thing about big cars/trucks. Don't like them. Can't park them. Don't want them (that is why you will not see me in a mini van or SUV - just too big for me). I like to be able to turn on a dime.

#11 - My cars have to have good sound systems - yeah, like you thought Cheeky would go without her music.....

#12 - I love to drive. I think its fun to have the windows down (in the fall or spring), have the music up, and just go. When its just me and the kids we also wave at other cars and get the truckers to honk their horns....yeah we are goofy that way). Mr. Cheeky doesn't appreciate this kind of silliness.

#13 - I hope the shop fixes the problem with my car - cause if they tell me nothing is wrong (when I know better) and let my warranty expire then tell me there is a problem - I will be on ticked off Cheeky - and you have heard me say it before...."don't make me angry - you won't like me when I am angry".

Hey! I wanna know more stuff about you now - so let me know if you played!

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