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Monday, August 07, 2006

Its the 5 Memes......cause Cheeky got tagged

Fives MEME
Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag...hehe - with the 5 Meme - who got me this time?? Only....that cool girl over at Thanks for the Ride, Lady - stop on by and tell her I sent ya.

5 Items In My Freezer

1 - Waffles - you know the cheap kind - love them!

2 - Ice Cubes - duh....

3 - Ice Cream - its for the kids and I don't wanna even know what kind - nope not gonna look, can't make me...

4 - The Ice Maker - where did you think the cubes came from?

5 - Weight Watchers Frozen Key Lime Pie - HANDS OFF people - that is mine!

5 Items In My Closet

1 - Shoes....sandles, pumps, sling backs, sneakers, shoes shoes glorious shoes!

2 - My hidden shhhh don't be telling on me....its our little secret mmmkay?

3 - Shoes...oh wait - did I say that already?

4 - An unpacked box - don't know what's in it....might not find out until I move again....

5 - My goofball accessories - you know like jingly bells for my hair at Christmas, and Witches hat for Halloween, the veil for my genie outfit - oh wait - strike that last one...hehe.

5 Items In My Car

1 - Music - duh and not just any old music - 80's - YEAH BABY!

2 - Sunglasses - and they are way cute too.....

3 - An extra key - not sure what lock it fits.....but you never know....

4 - All that mechanical crap that goes in the dash, you know tire gauge, manuals, and insurance junk.

5 - The reasonating sound of my voice as I sing going down the road.
(really that's it - there ain't nothin else there...)

5 Items in My Purse (hehe now this can get fun)

1 - Lipstuff - This can be gloss, mood gloss, lipstick, etc....and yes as I type I have all of these things in there right now.

2 - Money Money Money (must be funny in a rich man's world...oh sorry - got of on an Abba tune...hehe) Yep, there are a few bills in there....just a George or two....would like a few Jacksons, Grants, or Franklins so if you have a few you ain't using...well let me know. I will take them off your hands.

3 - Greeting card - cause I just got back from the store and I am a sucker for sending cards to unsuspecting people just to brighten their day.

4 - The coolest pen ever - cause this girl don't write with boring stuff....gimme glitter, glamour, shimmery - anything but a plan old boring writing utensil...geesh - you think ya'll would know me by now....hehe

5 - Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Gum - in Spearmint - cause you never know when Matthew McConaughey will finally give in to his desires and run up to me and just plant a big ol smooch right on me - you have to be prepared.

So there you go.....wanna play? Well don't wait for me to tag ya - just do it!

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