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Monday, July 31, 2006

Drugs - what a wonderful thing.....

After one day of prednesone, H1 and H2 blockers, and hydrocortisone cream I feel a little better (the itchies are under control and when it does its not nearly as bad as before). It didn't seem to spread last night - so that is good. Didn't sleep too much so I joined the teenage daughter and her friend for the Harry Potter movie marathon - all 4 movies back to back. OK so I didn't watch them all but still....I should have been in bed.

The rash is still there but not as beet red as it was yesterday which is a good thing. Oh and speaking of which, now I know I looked a little freaky but come on people have some human decency and respect. I went to the store to get some fruits and veggies for my prednesone induced munchies. I usually speak to people at the store - you just a sort of Hi or if I am in their way I will say oh pardon me or something like that. I noticed that no one - I mean NO ONE would look me in the eye yesterday. It was almost like they would catch what was on my face if they looked at me. Mr. Cheeky went with me to the store and I called it to his attention he watched - Yep, no one would look me in the eye. That is messed up!

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