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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Belated Weekend Update

This weekend was incredibly busy with girly stuff - of course I am talking about my scrapbooking events. I spent Friday night at an all night crop - really great! Lots of freebies and I won a door prize too (woohoo!). Got in around midnight and then up early to head out to MOA for the events there....WOW there was a lot going on. Only thing that bugged me were all the lines. There has to be a better way to organize that...hmmm think if I made some suggestions they would listen to me?

Back home late in the day on Saturday. Had to get things ready and pack for my flight Sunday morning. Up early for my flight out to Charleston. Had a pretty uneventful flight to Chicago then....the connecting flight to C-town. OMG....we had a semi pro soccer team on board. Eye candy? YES! PIA? YES! I loved my flight attendants - they were awesome and didn't take any crap from those boys. At one point as she was trying to give the safety information, the dude in front of me was talking rather loudly so she reaches over me and whacks him in the back of the head and told him to shut up (I love it!). Then, this same guy is whining and moaning about how he gave up his exit row seat so some sailors could sit together...blah blah blah...he whined about it over and over for about 10 minutes and then she said...."if you did it voluntarily then shut up about it" - I love this woman! Overall she was very friendly with a great sense of humor - she just wasn't taking their crap! She found out that they were going to be on her return trip the next morning (she wasn't thrilled) so she told them she expected jerseys and soccer shorts (clean) from them. And as we landed she made and announcement for us to wish them luck cause she doesn't want any cranky boys on the morning flight the next day.

Get to C-town and the weather has been GREAT! I mean really wonderful. I will be working in the office all week so not too much time to goof off. I am staying through next weekend so I will definately be hitting the beach at some point over the weekend!

I got into work this morning and got some really horrible news.....the guy that I found, that I interviewed, that I HIRED has decided to decline the offer....why? you ask....cause he has decided he wants to stay in Columbia, SC! WHAT A FREAKIN MORON....first of all - I am gonna pay you almost 15K more than you are making now and you want to stay in the armpit of SC? Dude, what have you been smokin? Not a good way to start my day.

Cheeky - who needs something to describe her time in Charleston...perhaps a little....Hot Child in the City (and YES, I do know what this song is about...and NO don't go there...hehe)....Hot child in the city....Hot child in the city...Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty, Hot child in the city....

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