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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Randomness and a Challenge

I don't have much in way of a post today. While I was lying in bed not sleeping at 3am (and 4 and 5...) I had some wonderful stuff to say but can't remember it now. Next time I will just go ahead and post it then instead of waiting. So, instead I will just give you some random stuff.

The challenge comes in from Shell. While she is taking a well deserved mini hiatus from blogging (and it better be mini...hehe) she has given us a challenge to use certain words in our posts. I think I can do it.

So late yesterday afternoon I am sitting on the sofa working because my stupid wireless card gets its panties in a wad from time to time and doesn't work from upstairs so I have to come downstairs to get closer to the modem (stupid laptop). ANYWAY, I have Dr. Phil on the TV in the background. The man child comes home from school, kisses me on the cheek and says (now remember he is 8):

Man Child: "so what's on Dr. Phil today?"
Cheeky: Ohhh I don't know, I am not really watching it. I think its something about two sisters that are being really mean to each other all the time.
Man Child: "you mean how sissy is mean to me?" (gotta love it when he can get his little digs in at just the prime opportunity. He is clever that way).

Last night was "clean out the fridge" night. Time to eat the repurpose entrees.

I have been instructed that I need to start making my Christmas list. So many things so little time. I keep seeing all these commercials for Best Buy and I am in nerdvana.

Monday was full of zerotasking, Tuesday was fairly busy, today I am swamped (great on the day after getting only a few hours sleep I am swamped....nice).

Now, I am not a HUGE Oprah fan. In fact, there are many times she just gets on my last nerve but I watch anyway. I will admit that in between the shows that irritate me, are some fairly good ones. Yesterday was one that really kinda ticked me off. In case you didn't watch she had a dude from NC that killed his 5 year old twin daughters. Makes you mad right? You wanna hang him up by his privates right? Well, she is talking with his wife and Oprah gets this attitude because the wife chose to stay with him. Yeah, I was shocked the wife did that too but you know the wife knows a whole lot more about this man and his illness and their situation than we will know from just an interview. I am quite impressed that the wife had a big enough heart to be able to forgive the man that stabbed her daughters to death. I don't think I could have that kind of forgiveness in my heart. She may be in denial or it may be true forgiveness and if it is I think that is something we can all learn from. Oprah is always talking about compassion for your fellow man but she sure didn't seem to have any for this woman on her stage. Oprah goes on to interview the dude from prison and she had such major attitude. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think she should have been all peaches and cream with him but I just wanted to slap her. It wasn't necessarily the questions she asked but it was more the tone and the "holier than thou" attitude she gets from time to time. The man is in prison, he confessed, he is being punished (as well he should) but he is also doing her a favor and getting her ratings by doing the interview. Am I wrong here? Was I the one with the attitude yesterday? Am I viewing this the wrong way?

I am stealing this from Mr. Fab, I like to send out cards (duh, I make them...hello...McFly?? ANYWAY, I would like to send them to all my wonderful blogger friends but of course I need addresses to send them to. If you would like to receive your own very special copy of the Cheeky Christmas Card '06, just email me with the info. I promise I won't sell it to those who send junkmail (unless of course it will get me cash then I am siging you all up for everything...kidding kidding....)

OK I think that's all I have for now. Gotta get the man child his breakfast and get him out the door for school.

Cheeky who needs a little pick me up after getting all cranky with my Oprah story so I am gonna sing a little....Bon Jovi - yep that always puts me in a good mood, perhaps a little something from his Crush album......

Hey, man, it's been a while do you remember me? When I hit the streets I was 17. A little wild, a little green. I've been up and down and in between. After all these years can you believe I'm still chasing that dream, But I ain't looking over my shoulder....I like the bed I'm sleeping in, It's just like me, it's broken in, It's not old -- just older...Like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans, This skin I'm in it's alright with me, It's not old -- just older....

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