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Monday, November 06, 2006

Yo Cheeky! Wassup?!?

Ok so this is sort of a fluff post but let me tell you....this is post number 199 - yep that means the next one is 200 and to celebrate the monumentous occassion I am going to give you 200 little known things about Cheeky. OK OK so 100 of them are already done from my 100 post and I will be linking to that so I only have to come up with 100 more. I am trying to get little things that you just haven't read before. AND while I am working on this for your reading enjoyment - if there is something that you always wanted to know but were afraid to is the time. So go for it! Lemme know what you wanna know.....

In the mean time Cheeky is down south still and is singing....a little Ugly Kid Joe - only because I heard it this weekend and I haven't heard it in FOREVER and now its stuck in this head so I have to get it out....... this is not directed at anyone so don't take it personal - just direct it at your own person and sing along...

I, hate the rain and sunny weather, and I, hate the beach and moutains too; (and) I don't like a thing about the city, no, no and I, I, I, hate the country side too!

and I, hate everything about you!.. everything about you! I don't like a thing about your mother, and I, I hate your daddy's guts too, I don't like a thing about your sister, no, no 'cause I, I, I, think sex is overrated too. and I, get sick when I'm around, I, can't stand to be around I, hate everything about you! everything about you, everything about you, everything about you...

(Cheeky: catchy little ditty don't you think???)

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