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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stealing a few moments

Last night was incredible - good friends, good food, cold beer - what more can you ask for! The little man child was so happy to see all his old friends again - it was like he never left.

I ate entirely too much but it was worth it. We are off to another one tonight - woohoo!

In my comments from yesterday's post I was asked if I posed the kitties in the sink...nope - I just walked in and there they were! Fluffy kitty girl like to drink out of the sink. I have walked in a few times and seen them sleeping in the sinks - what crazy kitties they are!

Sylvester likes to lay flat on his back like the middle picture a lot - he likes getting a tummy rub!

Also, in my comments yesterday my daddy is giving away secrets about me....I might have to have a talk with him about this...LOL just kiddding! Yep, as a kid I wouldn't get near an oyster - just shrimp. But in my defense - I will only eat them steamed now (sometimes raw) but I don't do the fried ones or oyster stew...ick!

OK - so I am off to hit the showers and go downtown...the weather is GREAT!

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