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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Number 200! So let the Party Begin!!!

Here are are 200 little known facts or answers to questions about yours truly - Cheeky. For numbers 1-100 go here

I will start with answering questions from ICL:

101: My favorite place in the world that I have already been to (which somewhat limits my choices because unless I am moving there I haven't been to many places) would be Charleston I think.

102: I haven't been to Australia but I really really want to go.

103: My middle name is Yvonne (cool eh?)

104: There ain't no way I would be able to eat the gross crap on fear factor - no way nuh uh forget it....nope nope nope

From Fantastagirl:

105: If I could be anything (wait - I am Sybil I already am multiple things...LOL) but if I had to choose I think it would be a Philanthropist - I have a tendancy to want to help people and give them what they don't have - problem is I don't have the $$ to do all the things I would like to do.

106: I would take a do-over on a few small things but for many I would not - Even the mistakes - they have made me what I am today and I think I am a fairly cool Cheeky....LOL

Now on to my own list

107: I love eggnogg - the cheap stuff that just happens to already be on the shelves at the store. Sure, I like the homemade stuff too but there ain't nothing like the cheap stuff.

108: I am crafty but wish I could spend more time doing it.

109: Still waiting to see the Northern Lights - I am starting to think I have been bamboozeled.

110: (don't laugh) Sometimes when I am preparing dinner - I pretend I am on a cooking show (except of course when I cut myself - that would be the blooper reel)....Hey! I told you not to laugh.

111: I think I am turning in to the cat lady (hey, every neighborhood has to have one).

112: When shopping for clothes for myself its either feast of famine - either everything fits or nothing does....last night it was feast!

113: I laughted at people this weekend for being all bundled up in 63 degree weather while I was in short sleeves - last year - that would have been me all bundled up.

114: I want to be a commentator on one of those I love the 80's shows.

115: I am only at 115 and I am running out things - this might be tougher than I thought.

116: I can organize anyone else's crap but my own. I can do my own - I just don't like it and will avoid it until I can't stand it anymore.

117: I think I am gonna let Mr. Cheeky get a snowmobile (shhhhh don't tell him).

118: My sister and I are working on a scam to get ourselves in the the annual Candy show held in Chicago (only buyers etc can attend)...I.WANT.TO.GO. We will of course be accepting any suggestions on how we can accomplish this task.

119: I think I am a little too easy as a Mom....I think I need to tighten the reigns just a wee little bit. Mr. Cheeky would agree with this. I think I will lose part of my cool mom factor by doing this. You may want to warn the teenage daughter who will be feeling most of the pain from this revelation and of course the man child who has already been feeling some of it.

120: I think this is just the coolest stuff EVER! But I have yet to buy some of it - this year may be the year!

121: I have been in MN for almost a year now and still don't have any really close friends.

122: I have really high arches in my feet and in my lower back (which is not a good combination). I can lay with my back flat on the floor and a small animal can crawl under the arch in my back. Could be that I have a really big bootay too - so I guess that doesn't really help.

123: I have decided that there are times where it really is all about me (why do you think I have a blog - duh!)

124: I do not have an eye for decor - which is why after 11 months there is ONLY ONE picture hanging on my walls.

125: I have learned how to make a mean potato soup and yeah its ready in 30 min so Rachel Ray ain't got nothin on me!

126: I really like how my little man child has a little special place in his heart for me....but it also bugs me that he might turn out to be a "momma's boy".

127: I am ready for the teenage daughter to get out of this "I am a teenager so I have to sneak around even if I am not doing anything wrong" attitude.

128: I am disappointed in my neice at the moment. I still have high hopes for her but I guess she has to find her own way.

129: I have the pink panther tune on my pink razor phone

130: I STILL have boxes that are packed from the move and don't even know what is in them.

131: If you have been coming around this blog for very long you know that I have tons of trival pop culture knowledge just taking up space in my brain.

132: I have season tickets to the Minnesota Wild (cool huh?)

From AngryDad

133: I can't say that I know what yellow snow tastes like - first rule of snow is to avoid the yellow snow but if I had to guess I would say lemonny freshness!

From Shell

134: Drunk?!? Me get drunk?? (that was for you Mom and Dad...hahaha!! - no comments from the sis either mmmkay?) As mentioned in my first 100, wine will get me toasted pretty fast so I have to be careful when drinking it - I am sensitive to the sulfites. I like to mix things up a bit so I don't have one particular drink - the drink of the month is Bloody Mary's but I keep a well stocked cabinet for variety. Although Gin and Full Throttle will tear you up fast if you aren't careful.

Back to my list

135: I can be generous to a fault. I said it before but it needs repeating to remind me so I do not become an enabler (I learned that word from Dr. Phil...haha)

136: I can make some seriously good guacamole! I got the recipe from a food network show and then added my own little twists.

137: I love the food network.

138: I am excited that the new fall season has started on TV.

139: I am annoyed the new fall season has started because I have one show per evening (except Friday's) that I just HAVE to watch!

140: I am hooked on Heroes but they need to move the story along just a wee bit faster.

141: I love PJ's but hate sleeping in pants - so I just sleep in the shirt.

142: All those songs I sing on my posts - yeah I really know the lyrics - AND that is just the tiny tip of the iceberg!

143: When I was a kid - Saturday was cleaning day and Mom would put on old 60's albums (you know vinyl) so I know tons of that music too.

144: I still haven't taken the time to learn cool little html tricks to pimp out my blog - anyone wanna give me some pointers?

145: Sometimes when I speak, I will include grammatical things. For example I will say "That was mean however comma it was funny!" My friends think saying "however comma" is funny.

146: I told Mommy K's hubby last night that he rocked - and he said "you rock more!" He cracks me up!

147: I still like toys. You should see my home office.

148: I think I inherited this from my dad - you should see HIS home office (which by the way used to be my bedroom and before that is was my sisters bedroom but I took it when she moved out!).

149: My daughter's furniture was my furniture from when I was in highschool. Of course I chopped up the waterbed frame and made a really cool headboard stand out of it. I think its time for new furniture for her.

150: Still not talking to the SIL - been well over a year now and haven't spoken a single word to you think that is holding a grudge or standing my ground? I am thinking its the latter.

151: I love that Target has started carrying Muppets themed items!

From Anonymous aka My Daddy

Well, they say confession is good for the soul so here ya go Pop.....

152: It was MY SISTER that put the shaving cream in your boots but I still bear the emotional scars of punishment.....even to this day I can't look at a can of shaving cream without reliving that horrible interrogation and punishment (hehe think that will make my sister feel guilty?? nahhhh LOL). I am the victim here - okay and maybe your boots.

153: I have no idea who in the world would have even thought of such a creatively deceptive thing as to take all of the liquor out of the liquor bottle and replace it with water. Nope, I just can't come up with one suspect at all. Perhaps we should call the folks from CSI to help out. EUREKA! Considering it was my dear sister that even told you about such things happening - I think that would make her the prime suspect!

OK back to my list

154: I have lots of million dollar ideas - too bad there isn't someone out there willing to pay me for them.

155: I am not now nor have I ever been prejudice however comma (see that phrase is just fitting at times like this)in my humble opinion White people cannot cook GREAT Asian (aka Chinese or Japanese) food. Good, yes - GREAT no way!

156: As a kid I always wore short hair so I was always being called a boy (infact that was one of many nicknames I had) when I hit the 6th grade that all changed.

157: I am very "regular" so no extra fiber is needed here (hey - you may not have wanted to know that but I am getting desperate here)

158: I used to be a coffeeaholic but not anymore - I drink it now for the pure joy that is java!

159: I can get "spun up" (aka annoyed) fairly easy sometimes - and those that live at Chez Cheeky sometimes play a game on who can spin me up the fastest.

160: I sometimes feel like those in my life don't know how much I truly appreciate them.

161: I have becomed hooked on Y&R once again and I schedule my appts around it.

162: A few months ago I discovered the show Family Guy - OMG it is HILARIOUS!

163: One of my co-workers loves it when I say that something or someone is "getting on my last nerve" - she thinks its funny. (not that they are just that I say it with such feeling..haha)

164: I am faily animated when I talk and I can come up with some of the most off the wall things.

165: I LOVE the Far Side.

166: After watching a news story on the Today show a while back - I never never never put my handbag on surfaces that I am not positive they are clean - you should see the stuff they found on the bottom of handbags - it was revolting.

167: I passed up a cute little Dooney and Burke bag yesterday at TJ Maxx for a smaller Liz Claiborne because the color was more festive (hey I also carry a little purse made out of capri sun bags so there....sometimes its about the cuteness - aka unique-ness factor). Yeah, I know what was I thinking right? BUT - here is a little scoop for ya...the sales clerk said that all TJ Maxx stores will be carrying quite a bit more Dooney and Burke for the holiday season - the shipment is due anytime now.

168: I wish that Disney would re-release The Song of the South Movie - I was lucky enough to see it in the theater when I was a kid.

169: I saw Bambi in the theater as a kid too and according to my Mom went into hysterics because they killed Bambi's Momma.

170: I am once again addicted to playing Diablo. It's an older game I know, but I still love it! And if anyone in the house even thinks about using my characters to play - well I can't be held responsible for my actions or the pain that will be inflicted.

171: I like hats but I just don't look cute in them.

172: I like goofy sunglasses too and some that I have are really cute.

173: I need to take better care of my hands. Not to mention that I am in desperate need of a manicure, when I am not cutting them or burning them I am using them so much (typing, crocheting, etc) that they hurt a lot. I think I have a touch of arthritis (OMG - that means I am old - so wait ummm I have just over used them yeah that's it - they will be ok if I stop doing things with them).

174: I just thought of an idea - I think I will have a Christmas party this year - it just gives me yet another excuse to buy new decorations.

175: One of my favorite gifts as a kid (and we are talking pretty young) was my Mr. Microphone from Ronco - you know the mic that you could use and hear your voice on the radio....(see I was singing even then).

176: My sister once got an album from K-tel (and yes I am dating myself here) that had all these goofy songs on it (Like They're coming to take me away, and The Streak, and Tip Toe throught the Tulips and one of my favorites Hello Muddah) and I loved that album. I wonder if Mom still has it???

177: Speaking of Albums I used to have an album that told the story of one of the adventures of the Amazing Spider Man - it came with a comic book on the album cover to read along. Wonder if they have that one too?

178: While I did lose about 25lbs this year, I can't say that my butt got any smaller. Let me tell ya Cheeky's got back! or if you prefer...Cheeky's got a big ol butt - oh yeah....(remember that song?).

179: I think we should all have a soundtrack playing as we go places and do things in our lives - wouldn't that be cool that just before you got into trouble you would hear that ominous music in your head as a warning?

180: I think this is a cool website but I haven't ever gotten any hits on my bills.

181: I am guilty.....guilty of lurking from time to time....I wish just for one day everyone that visited would just leave a "hello, hi there" comment so I know they stopped by.

182: I have been working on this post of 2 days.

183: I didn't realize Where's Waldo books were so flippin expensive.

184: I have been working in my old office for the last several days and only ONE person said something about my hair - and that was the NEW GIRL!

185: As a kid - I used to be a clogger. I can still do it a little - very little but don't even ask me to show ya cause that ain't gonna happen.

186: I keep looking for this in the stores and I can't find it and the hasbro website is out of stock....I guess I have to turn to ebay.

187: I like to hear the rain on the roof - especially a tin roof.

188: I never solved my rubik's cube - I finally got frustrated and just took it apart and put it back together so it looked solved.

189: I like brain teaser puzzles - I used to be good at them but that was before having children and becoming fairly brain dead.

190: I have found that when I give the kids choices of doing one thing or another I say "Deal or No Deal?"

191: I like watching shows that show how things are done like Dirty Jobs or how they are made like Unwrapped.

192: I miss my doggie.

193: I have the same initials as I had before I got married.

194: The most money I have ever won in the lottery is $20 and that was on a scratch off card in GA on my birthday!

195: I like to go to Casino's not necessarily to gamble - although I do play the slots a little - but to look at the surrounds and people watch.

196: I want to go on a gameshow.

197: I was introduced to the game Apples to Apples this year - it is a really really fun game to play.

198: I really like board games and should play more - one of my favorite is Risk but when playing with my sister and her hubby inevitably there ends up being some sort of natural disaster on a global scale - tornados, hurricanes, and little men go flying.....

199: The teenage daughter looks at me funny when I say things like "who licked the red off your candy?" She just doesn't understand such things.

200: I finally made it and I hope you enjoyed reading the list AND I hope if you are lurking you take the hint that I was giving in #181.

Cheeky: Who is still singing songs from #176 and thought she would sing for you...Hello muddah, hello faddah, Here I am at Camp Granada. Camp is very entertaining, And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining!

I went hiking with Joe Spivey, He developed poison ivy. You remember Lennard Skinard,
He got tomain poisoning last night after dinner!

All the counselors hate the waiters, And the lake has alligators! And the head coach wants no sissies, So he reads to us from something called 'Ulysses'.

No, I don't want this should scare ya, But my bunkmate has malaria! You remember Jeffrey Hardy, They're about to organize a searching party!

Take me home, oh muddah, faddah. Take me home, I hate Granada. Don't leave me out in the forest, Where I might get eaten by a bear!

Take me home, I promise I will not make noise, Or mess the house with other boys,
Oh please don't make me stay; I've been here one whole day!

Dearest faddah, darling muddah, How's my precious little bruddah? Let me come home if you miss me; I would even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me!

Wait a minute; it stopped hailing. Guys are swimming, guys are sailing.
Playing baseball, gee that's bettah. Muddah, faddah, kindly disregard this letter!

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