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Monday, December 18, 2006

Enough is Enough Already and other Weekend Updates

I am about tired of this ya'll. Enough is enough. OK so it started with me getting puny and sickly over Turkey day. The the following week it spread to Mr. Cheeky and the man child (who now has pneumonia but is doing ok). Then last week the teenage daughter got it and now ITS BACK TO ME! It started yesterday with the painful sinus pressure. Then every few minutes someone would turn on the faucet that is my schnoze and it would pour water - so I kept the tissue box close by. My nose is all red like rudolph's and painful and raw. The head is still pressurized and ready to blow. Miserable....just miserable.

OK, so let's move on to other weekend events. Saturday, was intended to be a run the errands, take your time, no hurries kind of day. Wrong. Mr. Cheeky decided to take the kids shopping and you wanna guess what happened....he locked his keys in the truck. He calls me to find the spare set. They are no where to be found. I don't even think I have seen them since we moved here a year ago. So I go pick everyone up, bring them back, take the teenage daughter's friend home. While I am doing that, Mr. Cheeky gets an idea and calls the dealership and they can cut him a key but they close in 15min. I am not going to make it so the neighbor takes him. I come back, pick him up and take him to his truck. After all that I wasn't gonna cook - even though there was a lobster with my name on it waiting for me in my fridge. We got a little bite to hold us over and then did some shoppping. Got home, cooked and ate the lobster (mmm mmm mmmm) and watched Narnia - again.

Yesterday, they tried the shopping thing again and I stayed home. Feeling pitiful. But it was a Lord of the Rings marathon on TNT so I was happy about that (even though I have the dvds). I did turn it during the last one to see the Survivor finale. I was pleased with the outcome - I would have been happy if either one of them had won.

So that is about it. Nothing particularly exciting.

Present Check:
Mr. Cheeky: check
Teenage Daughter: check
Man Child: check
Cheeky: what is that - get out - there are presents under the tree with MOM written on them (no tag - just MOM written in marker...hehe) and that is ME!

Cheeky who is singing...Your love is like bad medicine, Bad medicine is what I need...Woah, shake it up just like bad medicine, There aint no doctor that can cure my disease...Bad medicine

I aint got a fever got a permanent disease, And it'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy, And I got lots of money but it isn't what I need, Gonna take more than a shot to get this poison outta me, And I got all the symptoms, count 'em 1 2 3...

First you need (Thats what you get for falling in love), Then you bleed (You get a little and its never enough), On your knees (Thats what you get for falling in love)
And now this boys addicted cause your kiss is the drug...

Your love is like bad medicine, Bad medicine is what I need, Shake it up just like bad medicine, There aint no doctor that can cure my disease...Bad, bad medicine

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