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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

WWK - aka Kitty Wars

I love my kitties - I really do. But sometimes they just have some serious attitude and its really funny. Take for example Kitty Girl (and that is what we call her instead of Lafawnduh - its just seems to suit her better). Look at her....

She is all pretty. She is really soft. You think she would be loving to look at her but as you have read in the past - nope, she is just a big priss. I mean she sits most of the time with her front paws crossed like she is the Queen Bee of this castle (ok I let her think that but we all know its me). But as prissy and pretty as she is - she is one Bad Ass Kitty! And I swear, even though she was fixed when we got her, she had to be PMSing the last couple of days and yesterday was the worst. Poor Sylvester got whooped up on every where he went yesterday. He couldn't get a break.

At one point, he was playing in a box in the hallway....minding his own business. Nope, Kitty Girl was not having any of that, she just struted on up to him and POW right in the kisser! See the fear in Sylvester's eyes. He knew it was coming.

Then, after running him off, she gets in and takes over. Sylvester just walks by and POW again. But this time I caught her in the act. But blogger won't let me post it - Grrrr Blogger!

Now look at this....She was under her throne in my office (and Lord help anyone that puts anything on her chair or any other person or animal that sits there). This is where she lays most of the day while I work (either there or on my desk). Sylvester just walks by and well....see for yourself. OK so she is mostly all screaming and slapping (she doesn't have her front claws so Sylvester wasn't getting hurt, he does have his claws but is pretty tolerant of her and her crap). OH and don't look at the mess - I had been wrapping and packaging ebay all morning so - no comments about that mmmmkay??

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After they went downstairs, I had to break it up. They were too close to Christmas decorations and I didn't want anything getting broken. But Kitty girl was like that ALL.DAY.LONG.

She seems to be in a better mood today.

Gift update: still NOTHING under the tree for Cheeky - I did however get my package from Shell (and girl I LOVE IT!). She had a suggestion of putting that under the tree just to mess with the rest of the family and make them wonder who its from - I think I like that idea...hehe

Cheeky who is singing....some Ted Nuggent-Cat Scratch Fever....

The first time that I got it, I was just ten years old. I got it from some kitty next door. I went and see the Dr. and he gave me the cure. I think I got it some more...They give me cat scratch fever...Cat scratch fever!

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