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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Its all about the Mommy

Happy Thursday Thirteen ya'll but before I get started with this post - Join me in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my Mommy!! Yep, today is my Mom's birthday - she doesn't blog but she does read mine so give her a little shout out in the comments mmmkay??

In honor of Mom's b-day, I thought I would dediciate my Thursday Thirteen to her. Now, as I was prepping this post yesterday, I emailed my Daddy to get some dirt on her. She saw the email and he has been threatened within an inch of his life not to devulge any information. Yeah, like that was gonna work....hehe. And now that the Christmas packages have been received - well its a free for all...hehe. I also asked my kids to say some things about her as well so I will put who said what after each one.

#1 She says this all the time, "I might have been born on the first day of winter but it doesn't mean I like the snow" (Cheeky)

#2 She likes to talk a lot (the man child - I thought this was funny)

#3 I hear from a little bird that she likes - no, is crazy for cactus juice with lime and salt (Pop)

#4 She has 3 brothers and 1 sister (Cheeky)

#5 She says "and whatnot" A LOT!!! I mean, too many times to count in one conversation...hehe (Cheeky)

#6 She likes to spoil me (the teenage daughter)

#7 She can make some mean non alcoholic punch - it may turn you in to an instant diabetic but man its good! (Cheeky and although I didn't ask, I think my b-i-l would agree)

#8 I hear that in her younger days she was a wild child - a real party animal (hehehe kidding kidding...or am I?) (Pop)

#9 She has a really good heart and is not afraid to give of herself when other people are really in need (I have seen this many times) (Cheeky)

#10 She is very sensitive to "loud" or overbearing smells. Walking through the cosmetics section in a department store = instant headache. (Cheeky)

#11 She was a Navy wife too. (Pop and Cheeky)

#12 She threatened my Daddy (hmmm is there a trend here??) after he traded a car after they had just gotten the title. He traded it for a caddie convertable - she ended up taking it away for herself - Go Mom! (Pop)

#13 She opened this year's birthday gift early - I think Daddy was just as excited for her to have it as I was for buying it haha (Cheeky)

Lord, its hard to be humble, when have a kid a great as Cheeky! And ummm sis....I know what you are thinking and ummm just Shut it! mmmkay?? LOL! (ohhh I can just see the comments coming now....LOL)


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