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Friday, December 29, 2006

Random Friday

Yep its time to have a little brain dump.

Santa was good to everyone at Chez Cheeky. AND I got a scanner so now I can post all those really old pics of me with big hair and braces....I know you just can't wait for that...LOL

I haven't been as diligent about reading blogs this week. Been spending time with the kids since they are out of school. And no one is fighting....yet. I will catch up. I promise.

The man child took all the money he has been saving for the last year and added it to Christmas money and went out and bought himself something expensive. Yep, HE bought his very own PSP. With his OWN money! How cool is that?

Shell wanted to know what winter car mats were (she also wants me to come organize her after I am done here....I love organizing other people - its organizing myself that seems to be the problem..haha). See, up here in Minnefreakinsota, we get snow. Then everyone puts out salt, sand, slag, whatever to keep you from falling but it gets all over your shoes which ends up in your car along with melted snow. Not really good for the car mats so I went out last year and bought clear plastic mats to put down during the winter so my regular car mats stay nice.

The kitties are good friends now - except for Sugar (one of the visiting kitties), she still doesn't like any of them except her brother. She is a cross eyed Siamese so I suspect my kitties might be making fun of her which is why she still has the attitude. Taz and Sylvester are buds now and they both sleep on the bed at night. Taz either sleeps on my head or between my legs. Sylvester sleeps in the middle. Yesterday, Taz and Sylvester were snuggling on the bed - I think we might have a little Broke Back Mountain thing going on here......kidding kidding. They will be leaving us on New Years Day.

Tomorrow, I am going to Archiver's in Coon Rapids for a 12 hour scrap fest! Yep, I plan to get lots of work done. I have my pictures printed but that is as far as I have gotten. I need to get everything together. I am going to make a Weezer book and a Kitty book I think. Plus work on some other on going projects.

No really big plans for New Year's Eve. Shannon and John (the mommy and daddy of the visiting kitties) are coming over I think. There will be Pinot Grigio (Shannon's favorite), there will be games, there will be laughter. They are staying the night so it should be fun! I do have to go food shopping for munchies today.

I have adopted a soldier and I have started sending him care packages, cards, letters, etc. I have some ideas for future packages but if ya'll think of any cool things I could send or themes I could do - let me know.

My sis and her hubby will be coming up sometime in January - perhaps during the Winter Festival - WOOHOO!!!!

OK that's it for now....this brain is clean (spoken in the voice from the lady in Poltergiest).

Cheeky who is singing: a little Dan Folgelburg.....We drank a toast to innocence, We drank a toast to time...Living in our eloquence...Another auld lang syne....

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