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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ahead of the game

I am starting to scare myself here. I am so far ahead of the game right now I am sure that I am gonna forget SOMETHING. What do I mean? Well, let me share with you a few examples....

Ok so you know that I have adopted a soldier and part of the deal is to send him packages twice a month and some sort of card or letter every week. I have his next 3 packages ready and a stack of cards for about a month and a half.

I have already bought the man child's valentines for his class (yeah, I know, its just the second week in January).

I have had the birthday cards for Mr. Cheeky's brother and neice sitting on my desk (signed, addressed, stamped, and ready to mail) for 2 weeks and mailing them today (birthday's are this coming weekend).

I bought all of the supplies for MY Valentine's cards (you know the ones I make) and I already have several of them ready to go (and its just the second week in Jan).

Scary isn't it????

So right now you are probably thinking, "Dayum! She is on top of things" right? WRONG! Ok well maybe. The end of January is going to be really busy for me and I am afraid if I don't get things in place now, I will be super rushed later and I don't like that. Why is the end of January so busy you ask? This girl is headed back down to C-town on the 20th for a week and then flying back with my sister and her hubby on the 27th and they will be here through Feb. 5. So you see, if I wait then I am not gonna have much time.

This weekend was kinda laid back. I made an unexpected trip to the eye doc. I keep having this reoccuring thing with my left eye. Swelling, extreme pain, redness - looks like someone knocked me a good one.....will last about a week and then come back. So this time it came on late Friday and I said I have had it and went to the doc. Seems the tear duct keeps getting infected because there is a plug in there (which I got 2 years ago after my lasik) that is poking out (which also explains why I always feel like I have something in my eye). So, she gave me (well wrote a script for) some antibiotics with steroids to use for a week. PLUS I have to go see the doc in Charleston that put them in (only because I am going there otherwise I would find a doc here but ...I like him).

Went shopping for my card supplies and also bought myself 2 new CD's - Meatloaf Bat out of Hell III. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Oh, did I say I love it? And the movie soundtrack to Eddie and the Cruisers.

Mr. Cheeky went to the auction again this weekend and bought ANOTHER snowmobile. Why? Because 20 minutes after riding the first one he bought it died. It died to the tune of $1000 or more to get it fixed. So he is gonna try and fix it himself but needed something to ride in the meantime.

The man child had another hockey game yesterday and they did really really good!! They have all improved so much.

The teenage daughter got her spacers last week. She goes for a cleaning today and then on Wednesday she gets her braces. She is all excited.....poor misguided girl...hehe. Someone also hacked into her myspace over the weekend and proceeded to install a virus that proceeded to get on her computer. I am cleaning it but....why do people have to be so malicious???

Cheeky who is singing her some Meatloaf (and yeah I already know ALL the lyrics to ALL the songs on the cd - like you had any doubt) and to my fellow Meatloaf fan out there (you know who you are) this is for you......

There's a hole in the sky tonight/Did the moon drift too far from sight/I would scratch through the empty darkness/To see your face in the morning light/We've been lost in a sea of confusion/Got caught up in our selfish illusions/But make no mistake/I will bend till I break/Don't let fate make the choice for us/What about love that lasts forever/What about time to see it through/If you don't you just don't get it/What about me/What about you/What about love

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