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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - In with the NEW

So its a new year, and everyone is in the resolution mode. Have you kept yours so far? I decided this year its not so much a "resolution" but more of a "its about me this year" kinda thing...hehe. So, I am giving you a list of 13 things I want to do or accomplish this year.

#1 VEGAS! With or without Mr. Cheeky. I have talked about it enough. Talk is cheap. Either he takes me or I am going with friends but I.AM.GOING. mmmkay?

#2 Get back on my "better lifestyle" plan. I was doing well but have sorta slipped a little. Need to get back to doing it right.

#3 Meet some blogger buds! I understand from Shell that my presence is DEMANDED at the blogger blow out in Houston the third weekend in April. I think this sounds like fun. Talked to Mr. Cheeky about it he doesn't seem to excited....again he can come or not but I think I.AM.GOING.....mmmmkay?

#4 Stand up for myself more (ummmm if that is ok...hehe). Not be so afraid to say what is on my mind.

#5 Learn something new. Not sure what yet. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano. I would like to take an html class or something. I dunno what I will learn but it will be something.

#6 Find something the teenage daughter and I can do together. She is fun to be around and she ain't getting any younger hehe.

#7 Try to stay out of the winter "blues". They aren't fun and it doesn't make me fun.

#8 Someone told me recently that I am my own worst enemy (hey that's a song and I am singing it now...haha) so I think I need to stop doing that - being my enemy that is - not singing - I will never stop singing....bwah ha ha.

#9 Move forward and stop holding on to so many things (and a few people). Learn to let go.

#10 SCRAP. At least go to a crop or something once a month. Have come a long way but have so far to go......

#11 Be a better blogger - expand my current network (listen to me like I am some sort of pro or something LOL).

#12 Teach Kitty Girl to give kisses. I have already started working on this and its funny.

#13 Have Fun!

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