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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good......

So, today is my last day in Charleston. I have been extremely busy at work and trying to fit in social time with friends after work. I have to say it was really nice to come in to the building and have people smile because they are genuinely happy to see you. That sort of thing is good for the soul. It also makes you realize what you are missing as well. BUT I am bound and determined NOT to get all depressed about heading back up to Minnefreakinsota!

Had a GREAT time last night with the girls and my fashion stylist (Mommy K's hubby - he went shopping with us on Sunday and that man can pick out some clothes so next trip he is coming shopping with me! He says and I quote "I just know what looks good on women" Amen to that!). A pitcher of margaritas, some guac and queso dip...serious mexican food....ahhh.....we had a BLAST!

So tomorrow morning I am heading back up to NC to visit with the parents, and eat at one of my all time favorite places. BUT here is the really fun part, while down here this week, I connected with an old highschool buddy on myspace (yep Kelly I am calling you out), so he, his wife, and a possibly a few other friends from school are gonna go to the local pizza joint where we all used to hang out and well.... hang out again! Cool huh? I haven't seen these people in FOREVER (being as how I missed my 15 year reunion cause I was moving but we won't go into that now...I am in a good mood...LOL)

I will hopefully get some pics but won't be able to post them until the weekend. My sister, her hubs and I are getting up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday to head back to MN. Just in time for the winter carnival.

Cheeky - who just can't sing today because she is still embarrassed over the poor people on AI last night....the first one just cracked my butt up....that last one....there are no words......

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