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Monday, January 29, 2007

Cinnamon Buns and First Class

I am not a stranger to traveling. Ya'll know that by now. Even before I moved here and started traveling to C-town, I had a job that was almost 100% travel. I used to work at an airport, I know the in's and out's and how to work a system. OR I should say, I used to. As the airlines keep losing money, its harder to get a gate agent to upgrade you just because you are nice. Not.This.Trip. On my way to C-town, there were not very many people checking in at the time and the agent and I struck up a conversation. Really nice guy (which at an airport is refreshing). We chatted a while and I said something about coach being so full and how that was so uncomfortable, blah blah blah...and then next thing you know, I am in first class (OK so with this airline its business class but still has the big seat and free drinks). Very nice.

On the way back this Saturday, it was early, real early, like before the butt crack of dawn early. The Sis and brother in law are with me. The sis and I are sitting there enjoying our Cinnabon (she had the bun I had a foo foo coffee - I know just as many calories so just shut it). The flight crew arrives and the gate agent is MIA. The Captian sits down beside my sister and starts eyeballing her cinnabon. He was a hoot. Very friendly and funny. The rest of the crew arrives. They are all cracking me up. Not snotty like some of the other airlines. So we all sit there a while crackin jokes and being funny. Then they get on board and start doing their thing. I look over at my sister and said "I like him (the Captain), I am gonna go buy him a Cinnabon". And so when we started to board I asked the flight attendant to give it to him. No sooner than we got in our seats back in coach, the flight attendant came and got us and said - The Captain said ya'll can move on up to the front" - Wooohooo! So up we go. We had a layover at Midway in Chicago. We were gonna be on the same plane but with a different crew. Bummer. So we get off the plane, grab a potty break and a snack then back on we go. Then we are in the back again and here comes the Co-Captain, and says, nope, ya'll are coming back up!" Yep, we were sitting up front again. Before the flight takes off, the first Captain comes back and says to us, "Bet you didn't know a Cinnabon would get you this much". I think we really impressed him because he kept talking about it to the new flight attendants.

That is one of the best airline experiences I have ever had. This is my first experience with this airline and I have to say overall I am very pleased. New planes, very friendly (on the way to C-town too), not snotty at all, very reasonably priced. I think I will be flying them again -they have made the skys friendly again.

Cheeky- who saw Bob Segar on the morning show yesterday and now keeps singing.....

I think I'm going to Katmandu,
that's really, really where I'm going to.
If I ever get out of here,
that's what I'm gonna do.

I think that's where I'm going to.
If I ever get out of here,
I'm going to Katmandu.

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