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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Memories of the Man Child

So yesterday turned out to be a hang out around the house day. BIL wasn't feeling very well at all. Sis got rested up and I worked most of the day. For dinner we decided to head to B-dubs for .35 cent wing night! BIL stayed home and the teenage daughter went to the highschool hockey game. We played some trivia (I got my bootay beat ya'll - it wasn't pretty). So in between questions I had to run for a potty break (tmi?) and when I got back my sister asked me - "is the man child still afraid of auto flushers?" I said "well he is too old for me to take him so I don't know". Then we asked the man child and he said "Yes!" When he was younger, the man child refused, I mean would hold his bladder until it exploded - refused to go potty in a toilet with an auto flusher. They totally creeped him out. It made for using the bathroom outside of anywhere but a house very difficult. And if he had to do something else -forget about it - it wasn't not happening. He would wait (sometimes in agony) until he got home. So we laughed remembereing about that.

Then she said she remembered one time that he said something to her that she won't forget. See, the man child is a boob man. Always has been, and I guess always will be. Even when I stopped nursing he was always trying to cop a feel and staring at them. Well, I have told ya'll before, I am not lacking in that department. My sister on the other hand, well she ain't got what I got. So, the man child is about 3ish or so and we are living in NC. My sister takes him shopping and he is in the buggy (ok shopping cart for those of you not from the south) and he had a habit of reaching out and grabbing two handfuls and saying really loud "boobies boobies!" while riding. Well, he did it to her and apparently he said "yours aren't as fluffy as my mommy's" ...yep...that's my boy.

So today, if BIL is feeling better I think we are headed to the winter carnival. We have a serious cold spell coming in and well if we wait until the weekend I hear the windchill is gonna be something like 20-30 below - I ain't going outside in that - I will go to the casino instead!

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