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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in the routine of things

Well I think I am finally settled back in to my regular routine of running around like a chicken with her head cut off (wait - that would be a hen wouldn't it?). Its been two weeks (first Charleston then family visiting) so its about time.

Yesterday, was a serious kick butt and take names kinda day for work. I was all over it and I think at least one of the candidates is a HIRE! (positive thinking here....) and at least 2 more are potentials. This is good news. We need 3 more to make our goal for the quarter. I think you have heard me say before we are picky picky picky...but we rarely make hiring mistakes so in the long run it worth it.

Today, its an early morning appt for the man child. He may need some gum surgery. We will find out this morning. When he was 4 he had an abcess in one of his back molars so the dentist said just go ahead and remove it (don't ask me which one - its the one that is now missing mmmkay?). So after he healed from that, they put a band on one of his other molars (I said don't ask which one, its the one beside the one that is missing...geesh) with a metal spacer that went across where the missing tooth should be so his teeth wouldn't move together as he grows and cause later problems. Well, problem is now, that his gums have grown over the spacer and the regular dentist thinks that it is broken underneath (hmmm wonder if that is why he was complaing that it was hurting a couple months ago????). So off we go to the pediatric dentist to get our evaluation and see what needs to be done. If its surgery, it should be fairly minor (positive thinking people....).

Yeah that's all I got and dentist stories - I am a barrel of fun! OH but I did watch Idol last night (and I sang along..hehe). I think the cousins set the judges up. The first one knew he sucked so the second one would sound better (but he wasn't half bad).

Cheeky - who is gonna go sing in the man childs ear and wake him up cause we gotta get moving to make it on time......

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