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Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Update

So, Friday nite we headed to B-dubs for some trivia. Yes, ICL its a local place - actually its a chain. We had to wait for a table which meant that we were late for happy hour (bummer). Did pretty well with trivia but on the last game the little game set started losing its juice. Got home fairly early and just vegged. We watched Back to the Future III (I heart all 3 of those movies).

Saturday - there was no sleeping in for me, thanks to Sylvester (I swear I am gonna sleep with the camera and record his big mouth for ya'll one day). So I was up at 7AM while the rest of the house slept. I decided to make the most of it and scrubbed the stove top (its real white and purty now), counter tops and microwave. Then everyone got up. The man child had hockey practice and I had errands so we were all off. Then, Mr. Cheeky took the kids to the park skating/sledding and I stayed home and scrapped a little. It was nice. Later on, we went to an early movie to see Hannibal Rising while the kids went to see Happy Feet. OK here is the deal, the movie for Hannibal left out soooooo much and changed some things completely (like his Uncle), I am not sure why because it wouldn't have taken much to add it to the story. Anyway, if you haven't read the book, you MUST even if you see the movie first. The book was really really good. Got home and watched the Budweiser shootout (Daytona is next week ya'll - can't you hear the rednecks now???). Just in case you were wondering, Tony Stewart won again.

Sunday, up at the butt crack of dawn again, not because of the cat but because the man child had a hockey game at 7:30am. This week he was the goalie. He actually did much better in that position that I expected him to do. Got home and it was clean clean clean. Scrubed my bathroom and the man child's bathroom. Mr. Cheeky cleaned out the bathroom closet and the linen closet. We threw away quite a bit of crap! Then it was downstairs to the kitchen and scrubbing the hardwood floor - OK Mr. Cheeky scrubbed the floor but I prepped it :) We cleaned until ummm 1:30ish and then went to the outlets. I got a new pair of Saucony shoes cause I need to start moving this bootay and now I have no excuse except that it is freakin COLD! Actually today it was like 22 and that felt sorta bizarre is that?! Next weekend we may get into the 30's - time to get the sandals out...(yeah I know, that is just wrong). Came home and had dinner and sorta vegged again.

So that was my weekend. What did you do?

Cheeky who in honor of the new episode of Family Guy last night(that show cracks me up) is singing.....

What would you say if I told you
I've always wanted to hold you?
I don't know what we're afraid of
Nothing would change if we made love

'cause I'll be your friend
And I'll be your lover
Well, I know in our hearts we agree
We don't have to be one or the other


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