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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Need an Opinion and AI recap

First the opinion:

The teenage daughter and her friend came to me yesterday with a question and I am not sure how to answer it. Its something that I used to do at her age and quite frankly there are worse things that she could be doing. In the scheme of things its not horrible (yeah it can be pretty fun). And she wants to know if I will "let" her do it (I am really glad that she asked before just doing - I may complain about the kids sometimes but I do have some pretty good kiddos). What is it she wants to do you say???....Rolling yards (or TP-ing for you non southerners). Now don't give me the whole its vandalism crap. Its toilet paper (no eggs, no paint, no messing with cars, none of that crap - just toilet paper) and its biodegradable. Yeah, it may look like hell for a while but nothing major and nothing permanent and yes it may be a nuisance. As a teenager, there was a group of us that would go out after the football games and get the target of the week. We were proud that we were one of the only successful groups to get one of our favorite teacher's yard (he always bragged about how it couldn't be done and yeah we confessed to him just before graduation and he laughed). BUT the social climate has changed a bit since our day and I don't know how people will react to it up here in the frozen tundra. If it happened to me, I would be like "Well Crap!" and make the teenage daughter clean it up cause it would have been one of her friends doing it. She hasn't asked Mr. Cheeky yet - ummm she wants to catch him in a good mood LOL.

So....what do you think? Seriously, don't sugar coat it - give it to me straight.

Conversation last night with the man child as I was laying bed watching TV before falling asleep and he came in to "check on me":

Man Child: I am sad
Cheeky: Why are you sad?
Man Child: well, I am sad for you
Cheeky: Why are you sad for me?
Man Child: Because you have to lay here and listen to him snore all night.

Yep - that's my boy!

Okay - Now its time for my American Idol recap.

First up: Rudy - Free Ride
Dude just go home now. Seriously just go home. Randy and Simon were right on, Paula drink more of what is in that cup honey.

Next: Brandon - Rock with you
Had high hopes for ya dude. You are good but I am not 100% sold yet. I did wanna go put on my silver sequined jump suit and dance though...hehe. I think you are safe for this week. Randy - agree not the best but OK. Paula you are gonna start slurring your words any minute. Simon - yep you said it - better than the performance you gave.

Sundance - Nights in White Satin
High expectations (love the blue eyes too dude). Still a little nasally dude. I like you, I really do but you needed to rock out tonight and that just did not happen. Randy - I agree, pitchy. Paula - was that coherence that came out your mouth honey? Simon - yep I am scared - I am agreeing so far.

Paul - (with your lucky skivvies and bare feet) - Careless Whisper
OK you are one of my favs dude but what is up with all this slow groove stuff tonight. I was however singing back up for ya. We can be a team dude - seriously, gimme a call I am in the book. Randy - agree, yep agree - great potential. Paula - hold your head up when you talk sweetie. You just wanna do him come on admit it. Simon - yeah he needs to bring it a little more (not sure it was 3rd rate though) and quit playing it safe. Ryan - dude, put your shoes back on - yo feet stank! I don't care if you had a don't work for you.

Chris R. - I don't wanna be
Bad choice babe, bad choice. Randy - eh. Paula - no words. Simon - yeah I agree again. But I was being hand fed a little sushi so ummm I could have been distracted a little - yeah that's it, I was distracted.

Ryan hush this is the only website that matters dude.

Nick - Now and Forever
Richard Marx you are NOT. Sorry to break it to you. Not doin it for me dude, not doing it for me (gonna eat another piece of sushi now). Randy - yep, the truth is good. Paula - did you say something? Simon - honey quit drinkin Paula's drink mmmkay?

Blake - What is the name of this song?? (need to lay off the sushi LOL)
Liked you going into this hon. You have potential, I still like you. Yep, still like you. Judges- yep yep yep

Sanjaya - Something about your love
Yeah I liked you in the auditions hon. You remind me of a friend of mine. Really you do. And yeah, I still like you. Randy - yeah Stevie songs are hard but it wasn't THAT bad. Paula - lets talk about the music honey mmkay? Simon - not THAT dreary but yeah he could add a little excitement.

Chris S. (from SC - oh yeah baby!)Typical
I like you dude! Oh yeah you are a front runner! GREAT song choice for you. Randy - agree. Paula - get your own opinion. Simon - ok you are torn - its ok it happens. Oh and Chris ooohhh you got Simon good - really, but I am not sure that was a good move though.

Jared - Back at One
Yeah, dude you were pretty good. I am not sure how you will do with other genres but I am open minded here. I can still be bought. Randy agree - didn't like the ending. Paula - you just want him to shake his booty. Simon - nasally? I don't know if I agree there but overall agree with your comments.

AJ - Never too Much
Five times trying out and ummm finally a little funk in the show. Liked it. Yeah, I liked it a lot. Randy - yeah he was having fun. Paula - refill your cup honey. Simon - it was good. Theme park? Hmmmmm.....

Phil (my little bald buddy) - I could not ask for more
Oh honey - sorry dude it wasn't workin for me in the beginning but you recovered nicely. Randy - best of the night - perhaps. Paula - do you ever have your own opinion? Simon - monstrous hehe that is funny.

So there it is - my recap of the fellas. Did you watch? Did you vote? Tomorrow its the girlys - and which one will emerge as the hooky extraordinaire??? Only time will tell.

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