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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Its a Freakin Heat Wave

OK don't laugh but yesterday it was in the lower 40's and it felt sooooo good. How good? So good that I actually opened up a window! Can you believe that crap?! I mean opening a window when the temp is in the 40's? How twisted is that?

Yesterday turned out to be a do nothing day for me and the kids and it was great. Today on the other hand is going to be really busy for me with work. I have lots of interviews scheduled and a meeting that usually lasts a minimum of an hour so yeah - lots of fun for me today...haha.

Couple of random things here:

Its time to get the nails done again (you know how I am about nails). They are getting too long and it makes it hard to type - well type fast - when they get too long. I am thinking I want to try another new color. Not sure what yet. The teenage daughter wants me to do green (?) I don't know why but I told her I think I may do that for St. Patty's day haha.

I have GOT to start going to the gym. This is no longer an option. I MUST GO. Today. or maybe tomorrow.

Looks like I am headed for another teeny bopper concert. Fallout Boy is headed to town and the teenager daughter and her friend want to go. Yep, I am taking them. Their last CD wasn't too bad so I think I can handle it (keeps me young right?).

Sylvester has started a new thing to wake me up. I have been ignoring his in my face screams in the morning. I just lay there perfectly still and ignore him. Now, he paws my head until I move and give him rubs. Seriously, he will paw my head (which reminds me, he needs a little kitty manicure too - his claws are too long to be pawing my head).

Cheeky - That's it - that is all I have today. I am feeling a little "sassy" so I need a good song to get my day started many to choose why don't you suggest one???

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