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Saturday, March 03, 2007


After days and days it has decided to finally stop snowing. The sun is out (and man its bright) and the sky is clear. Got up this morning and headed to the man child's last official hockey game. Tomorrow he has a tournament and then we are DONE! Well, at least until the next thing starts.

After his game, came home and got dressed to go to the gym. I didn't go Thursday (but shoveling the driveway twice totally counts) or yesterday (ummm didn't really do much) so I needed to go today. 3.34 miles ALL.UP.HILL on the treadmill. Came home, showered, and then listened to my hypnosis CD's. Yes, I am easily hypnotised (very easily) and I have been listening to this particular one for almost 2 weeks. I can tell a little difference and I have to say that I like it so I am gonna keep on doing it.

Other than that we are doing whatever Mr. Cheeky wants to do since its his birthday and all. He said not to make a big deal over it so....I didn't. We might go to the movies and out to eat. I want to go to Texas Roadhouse because we have one now and I have really really MISSED it...but its not my call.

So that's it - that's all I got for a Saturday...I knew there was a reason I didn't post on weekends LOL!

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