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Thursday, March 22, 2007


OK I am still in a bit of a funk but you know having conversations with your kids can certainly do their part in bringing you out - if only temporarily.

Let me set the scene. Sylvester, my screaming cat, has had a serious case of gas this week and lots of using of the litter box. Let me tell ya this cat is RIPE! I mean seriously RANK!

Two days ago, man child comes home from school and is in his room changing and petting Sylvester. I am in my office (beside his bedroom) working and I hear ....."Ewwww Mom!..... Sylvester just farted in my face...and it STINKS!" OK I know, its wrong, but I couldn't help but laugh. I mean really. It was just funny.

Then later that night, The man child and I were all snuggled up in my bed watching Narnia. Sylvester crawls up under the covers from the foot of the bed (he likes hanging out there even during the day - you walk in and see this lump at the foot of the bed - its the cat.) So, man child and I are talking and decided to go under the covers to pet the cat. No sooner than we get back on the pillows and settled in, there is that smell.....

Cheeky: Man child, I think Sylvester just pooted again
Man Child: How do you know?
Cheeky: Cause I can smell it
Man Child: Well does it smell like a juicy one? or one that just goes "whoosh" (referring to the silent but deadly type)

You know, there really just nothing like laying in bed with your kid talking about farts.....good times.

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