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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back from vacation

and what is going on???? S.N.O.W. Can you believe that crap? Its April!!!! and its gonna snow!!!!! I thought I was done with that evil white stuff for the year. Thought I had made it through and wouldn't have to see it again....but Nooooooo.

Vacation was GREAT! I am ready to go back down there. Everything was so green and beautiful. Teenage Daughter and Mr. Cheeky got sick from the pollen - I guess they just can't hang with me and the man child LOL. I didn't get burned - yeah! and I still look so bright I could blind someone (but that is ok - I guess, less wrinkles right?). Man Child found a little girl friend in Myrtle Beach and she was too cute chasing him around the pool.

I had a wonderful surprise from my girl Patti waiting for me when I got home - GIRL YOU ARE THE BEST!

I will have pics ready for ya tomorrow - now I have to get caught up on work - lovely....

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